Begin this Sacred morning ritual

to awaken your heart to radical self love

and ignite a profound connection

to Mother Earth and Universal Intelligence

 through Cacao Plant Medicine

Did you know that introducing higher dimensions of Consciousness into your reality every day will substantially expand your awareness and "remembering" of your Divinity?

If you're reading this, it's no coincidence.

Plant Medicines call out to us when we're ready to dive deeper into our heart and unravel the stories that are limiting us. 


Are you feeling lost and disconnected within this world of chaos? 


Sacred Cacao Plant Medicine provides for us a shortcut to deep and Sacred connection with Source, without having to spend hours and hours in meditation. 

Cacao is not a psychedelic, yet it works with you throughout the day, fanning the flame in your heart and opening you up to new perspectives and possibilities. 


Judy shares why this sacred Master Teacher Plant, CACAO has been kept a secret, available to only some Shamans and Conscious teachers, up until now. These Master Plants work with high-frequency beings who honor and respect them. And how this honor we have of connecting with this precious heart-opening medicine, will shift your awareness and reality. 

This is an incredible time in history, with many people looking for answers to all of the chaos, feeling so lost with what’s going on in the world. 

All of the answers you're seeking are within you.


Your Sacred Cacao daily ritual will guide you deep into your heart and ignite new meaning and a profound connection to something powerful and bigger than the apparent problem the world is facing.

From feeling unable to receive direct guidance from the Universe, to now experiencing clear messages and a deep connection to Source...

Meet Judy....

"Dear Love,

I used to feel like I needed others who were intuitive to guide me.

The Sacred Cacao Plant Medicine came into my life when I was feeling stuck and craving massive Spiritual growth and contribution. I wanted to know everything about this Plant Medicine and how to dive deeper into Consciousness every day with it. 

Cacao instantly supported me to release many of my limiting beliefs and conditioned paradigms and to connect me to my wholeness and my heart. It ignited in me my own intuition, connection and remembering of my Divinity and my personal powers and path in this lifetime.

We all have gifts to bring to this world and Cacao helped me to clarify and awaken these and to have deep profound insights, remembering and knowings that have supported me in my Spiritual journey into unconditional love.

What if you also had this guidance to support you to see the beauty beyond your limitations and to stay in this space consistently and effortlessly? 

It's an honour to share with you the many ways that your inward awakening and journey can be supported with Ceremonial Cacao! 

 "Until all of us have made it. None of us have made it." Helen Keller"

And you can experience the same, with this extraordinary offering I created:


The Radical-Heart-Opening Daily Ritual BUNDLE

that has everything you need to support you on a daily journey into elevated Consciousness and wildly enchanting self love. 


You are a Cosmic blessing, my friend,

and your journey in this remembrance begins now"

Love, Judy Machado (Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao)

 Here are some heartfelt examples

of people who have been guided by their daily Sacred ritual and how it's created new realities for themselves including releasing blocks and stories, to gain clarity, meaning & purpose, and ultimately, feel safe and supported in today's Global chaos:

Lisa Kelly

"I used to struggle with making time for a morning ritual. I had tried cacao before and loved the light heart-opening effect but never realized I could incorporate it into my morning ritual. Instead of feeling like a chore it feels like a special retreat for ME. And I can fit into 10 minutes or I can lengthen it out as long as I want. I start by making my cacao mindfully. I usually add cinnamon or spices, sometimes essential oils. I put on some music depending on my mood, take some deep breaths, and mindfully enjoy the cacao. Often, inspiration or guidance will come to me. I feel more open-hearted, grounded and connected to myself. It’s a beautiful way to start my day!"


 “Cacao has provided me with deep healing medicine. As someone with c-ptsd, cacao has brought me a sense of safety and peace, an experience of feeling held and loved. The medicine is subtle and speaks softly - it would be easy to go on with my day and not notice it - but when I am present and sit with cacao, its effects are so beautiful. I have been bringing cacao into grief and death rituals, and it has been a balm to be held by the gentle medicine of cacao. I am so grateful for this sacred teacher plant.”


"The Ceremonial Cacao morning ritual is one of the best, most profound experiences of my entire life! 

The Cacao is such a Sacred Higher Consciousness. It completely opened up my chakras, especially my heart! I feel pure unconditional love!! 



I'm doing the healing work, learning to love myself and be the best version of myself, one day at a time, one layer at a time."


"It is a heart-opening medicine. I've been trying to put into words all the amazing things Cacao and the morning ritual have brought to my life. The thing is, there aren't any words. So the best I can do is list the things I've become more aware of in the last few weeks- each morning as I sit and thank the universe, goddess Isis, and the Cacao for being a part of my guide team and journey. I can feel my heart opening up more and more every day. No seriously, it's real. Some days it's almost painful, it's bursting with so much love and joy that I cry!"

Here's what's included in

The Radical-Heart-Opening Daily Ritual BUNDLE:

to support you to

begin this Sacred daily ritual to elevate your awareness,

develop a profound relationship with Universal Intelligence

and ignite your Divine path:

Get Started With Cacao: Digital Course

Regular Price $173 USD


There are 8 powerful Modules in this Online Course, all guided by Judy Machado, Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao.
All are videos of Judy sharing, educating, inspiring and guiding you to begin your journey with this powerful Plant Medicine. 


This course will review the meaning of Consciousness, how exactly Cacao has Consciousness, how the Cacao can support you to  raise your Consciousness, release your fear of uncertainty and truly understand that everything you experience is part of your journey through evolution. 


You will learn all about this powerful Cacao Plant Medicine and ritual to radically open your heart and affect the world's shift into LOVE. 


Metamorphosis Guided Cacao Journey To Self

Regular Price $36 USD

An extraordinary 36 minute high frequency Cacao Ceremony recording igniting a glorious, cosmic, sonic journey into an elevated state of love and remembering.  
You will be guided through a journey of metamorphosis, the passing of who you became to please others, and the angelic unearthing of who you truly are, your Divine essence.
Two beautiful Souls, Judy Machado and Craig Young, have combined their "heart-opening medicines of Cacao & 432 Hz music" to create a majestic piece of Soul food for humanity! 
Craig Young's music compositions have been featured in the work of impactful creators and organizations all around the world including healing and breath work sessions led by Dr. Joe Dispenza. 
The result is a supreme guided journey to be experienced over and over again for radical Spiritual growth. 
This 36 minute recoded MEDITATION includes 6 additional GIFTS to elevate this sonic journey:
  1. 6-minute Introduction Recording
  2. Mini meditation: Invocation of the Cosmic Mother
  3. Metamorphosis Journey JOURNAL PAGES
  4. Morning Cacao Ritual Guide 
  5. Discount to full Metamorphosis soundtrack  
  6. Coloring Meditation Series

And 4 more GIFTS inside

The Radical Heart Opening, Daily Ritual Bundle:

GIFT #1: Daily Cacao Ritual & Ceremony Checklist

"If you're anything like me, images are the fastest way to understand something.  This is why I created this checklist, to visually see everything you can bring together to create your Sacred space and personalized Cacao Ceremony"
Judy xo

GIFT #2: Ceremony Playlist

This beautiful Spotify playlist is jam-packed with high vibration songs and chants to add a musical element to your cacao daily ritual and Ceremony. 


GIFT #3: Ceremony Flash Cards

 These Cacao Ceremony Cut-Out Flash Cards will support you to release your deep rooted stories and limiting beliefs.  
They will guide you with a deep Spiritual insight and question so that you can journey into additional perspectives, guided by the Cacao Master Plant Medicine.


 GIFT #4: Invite to next Live online Meetup 

You will receive the link to the next online Meetup where Judy will take you through the story of Cacao, how to connect deeply, answer any questions you have, and share a Cacao blessing with everyone. 



How do you know if this daily Sacred ritual is for you?


  • You're ready to elevate your vibrational frequency to a state of love, peace, joy and gratitude

  • You're excited to bring ceremony into your life, every day, deepining your spiritual practice, with this Sacred Cacao heart opening medicine, igniting radical self love and service to others

  • You wish to reconnect deeply to your heart, igniting a revolutionary transformation by liberating your soul's calling and reclaiming your life

  • You're ready to deepen your connection to your creativity and invite the many awakening benefits from this powerful Cacao superfood and Master Plant Medicine  

  • You're aware of limiting beliefs and conditioned programs that are sabotaging and creating limiting patterns in your life, and you're ready to unravel these with the guidance of a higher Consciousness, the Sacred Cacao Master Plant Medicine

  • You're inviting a radical shift in awareness and resonance, to feel completely safe and liberated even in the chaotic world around you

  • You're ready to activate your inner remembering and intelligence to create a new world for yourself, your family and the collective

You will be guided through this Bundle,

to begin a Sacred daily ritual

that will elevate your awareness more profoundly into Universal Consciousness

and activate your magnificent Divine design

Get started with your Sacred morning ritual by choosing which option you prefer:

The Radical Heart Opening Daily Ritual BUNDLE

$44 USD

Regular $209
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  • Includes all  offerings as listed in the above photo + 6 additional Metamorphosis bonuses
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 
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BUNDLE + 1 Bag of Sacred Cacao Powder

$66 USD

Regular $235
  • Limited time 72% savings
  • Includes all 7 offerings as listed in the above photo + 6 additional Metamorphosis bonuses
  • Includes one 400g bag of Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Powder
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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BUNDLE + 3 Bags of Sacred Cacao  

$111 USD

Regular $282
  • Limited time 60% savings
  • Includes all 7 offerings as listed in the above photo + 6 additional Metamorphosis bonuses
  • Includes one 400g bag of Ceremonial Cacao Powder
  • Includes one 400g bag of Ceremonial Cacao Paste
  • Includes one 200g bag of Ceremonial Cacao Tea
  • Video explaining each of the 3 Sacred Cacao products
  • Weekly PDF calendar with suggested daily ritual ideas
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • % of sales donated to Amazon Rainforest Conservancy 💗