The Azores are magnificent Portuguese Islands, believed to be the tips of the mountains of  Atlantis 


Tucked so preciously in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, these 9 precious islands are considered by many as the Hawaii of the Atlantic

Experience the enchanting Azores  

These are gorgeous Portuguese islands almost literally in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, tucked away so preciously, and ready to be explored with wonder and magic!

The Azores Islands are in the process of reclaiming their sacred Atlantian title

The land, in the Azores, is full of life and energy that you will feel immediately upon setting foot on these islands! What an honor and magical journey to witness this reclamation of its sacred Atlantian title, while you, yourself will be guided throughout the Retreat, to reclaim your very own sacred Divinity!  

Adorable little villages and communities

We will experience these small villages, symbolic of our "re-membering" (gathering in groups) with soul-aligned communities, to rewild and realign with Mother Earth and with our true Self

Deep soul journey

Daily journeys to different, awe-inspiring nature sites throughout the islands, to sit and connect deeply to your spirit + to Mother Earth.

Join us in connection through community circle

Experience your deeper Self  through sharing and supporting one another

6 days first on the breathtaking island of Sao Miguel followed by 3 days on beautiful Terceira Island

We will spend every day in nature, visiting absolutely breathtaking sites through earth-connecting ceremonies (see list of these ceremonies below)  

Breathtaking nature, connecting to each awe-inspiring site

The Azores Islands are stunning and absolutely magical. Join us in this mystical, mesmerizing, and soul-reviving journey in the Azores

What will we be doing during these 9 days in the Azores Islands?


Each day, we will experience the following deep connection to Mother Earth, and to our Self, through the following events, rituals, and ceremonies:


  • Earth grounding: connecting deeply to Mother Earth by walking barefoot at each of the sites, with intention and reverence, including a four directions devotional walk

  • During this retreat, we will be in deep reverence for nature, Mother Earth, and ourselves

  • 2 Shamanic Ceremonies, Daily Cacao Circles, Ceremony of Self Acknowledgment; Fire Ceremony; Vision Casting Ceremony; Sacred Anointing & Reclamation Ceremony, Shamanic Flower Bath, Nature Ecstatic Dancing, Drum Ceremony, Tree Ceremony, Forest Bathing, Release Your-Fear Cave Ceremony, Food Blessing Ceremonies, Atlantic Ocean Ceremony, connecting to the whales and dolphins in those sacred waters. 

  • Optin to micro-dose psilocybin mushrooms, under the care of Shaman Chonon Soi (Laetitia)
  • We will be making group intentional and devotional offerings to the land, in each of the sites we visit, through Cacao, leaves, flowers, seeds, and other natural elements.  
  • spring water gratitude blessings and activations as we fill our water bottles with fresh, natural spring water at local springs
  • guided awe-inspired meditations out in nature, at various breathtaking sites
  • sound baths for profound, vibrational shifts into a deeper self-love
  • Osteo-sacral therapy offered by Michael Brewster, during the 2 Shamanic Ceremonies
  • we will disconnect from your phones and reconnect to yourself
  • and so much more!

Deep soul level connection

Cosmic Expansion Through Mama Cacao

Cacao is a cosmic Mother spirit, so gently nurturing us to open our hearts and see what's beyond our current beliefs and stories. We will be connecting, daily, to this beautiful Plant Medicine while out in nature, and sharing sacred Cacao offerings to Mother Earth, throughout the islands! 

Cosmic Wisdom Through Psilocybin

Psilocybin guides us beyond beliefs. Immersed in nature, we transcend limits, unveiling insights, healing, and unity. These mushrooms are portals to mystical realms, expanding consciousness. 

Hi love! 💛

I'm your host, Judy (Judite) Machado

Author and Cacao Spirit-Medicine Ceremonialist, Judy's life was forevermore transformed when she began to reverently drink Ceremonial Cacao daily. She developed a profound connection to this heart-opening, consciousness-raising infinite intelligence, now sharing with others how they too can connect deeply to Mama Cacao, to ignite their intuition, connection to Source, and clarity of their purpose. Cacao has exponentially accelerated her spiritual journey and she now shares this Sacred Cacao with others to experience through daily Rituals, Ceremonies, Facilitator Trainings, and Wellness Retreats in Peru & the Azores.

Follow Judy on Instagram at @goddesstemplecacao

I'm also your host, Shaman Laetitia "ChononSoi"

Laetitia Chonon Soi (Ciret) is a Shaman, Sound Healer, Reiki practitioner, and Astrologer. She has studied Sacred Plants Medicine with the Shipibo Conibo Tribe for 10 years, learning from renowned Maestros in Peru and Europe.

Based in Canada, Laetitia offers Shamanic Sessions, cacao ceremonies, and womb work online. She leads retreat groups for sacred plants medicine in Canada, Peru, and worldwide. She is dedicated to helping people find happiness and unconditional love.

Laetitia co-founded a Shamanic Healing Center in Peru specializing in Amazonian plants. She was recognized as a "Onanya" (Master Shaman) by the Shipibo Conibo Tribe and founded WOLFPAC, a community for healing and personal transformation. She also continues her Shamanic research and plant medicine studies in Peru.

Laetitia's sessions provide extraordinary insight into karmic patterns and life cycles, offering practical remedies to restore balance and empower individuals. She supports a foundation through a percentage of her fees and product sales.

Follow Laetitia on Instagram at @laetitiachononsoi


I'm also your host, Michael "Birin Soi" D.O. (MP)

Michael is an Osteopath who has dedicated his entire 30 plus year career to the services of others. Michael teaches Osteopathy internationally and works at a respected psychiatric hospital. Through out his career he has worked with a wide range of clients with a diverse range of maladies. From terminal cancer patients to NHL hockey players, professional actors and dancers as well as others living with chronic diseases like ALS and MS.

From the Founder of Osteopathic College of Ontario “ Michael has the best pair of hands he has ever trained”.
Michael’s current passion is in field of Cranial Osteopathy, made popular under the term “Cranial Sacral Therapy. This can be defined as “a holistic healing practice that uses very light touching to balance the craniosacral system in the body, which includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium and spinal area with the goal to awaken the body's own self-healing potential”.

Michael is currently an apprentice of the traditional Shipibo plant medicines and believes the fusion of these medicine will lead to greater understand of healing.

Awaken your authentic + ancient SELF, harmonizing Spirit + Earth 

Your true nature is to be deeply authentic and intuitive. Awaken her from your dream and step into your purpose through this transformational 8 day sacred journey

Magnificent nature

Join us for a wellness journey of a lifetime!

Accommodation: Our Magnificent Home For The 9 Days: 

We will stay in 2 beautiful hotels during our  days together: On Terceira Island, we will stay 3 nights in Azoris Angra Garden Hotel. In Sao Miguel, we will say 6 nights in Hotel Verde Mar and Spa


Please note, our next Retreat date will be May 2024.

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$2,997 ($333/day)

CAD, per person (taxes extra)


Early Bird Discount Pricing

Pricing here is in Canadian dollars. Other currencies are available.  
Guided daily visits & ceremonies to sacred sites & transportation.

Pay in full or $600 deposit, directly to Judy at Goddess Temple Cacao

STEP 2: Book your Flight & Hotel

$4,997 approx

CAD, per person (taxes extra)

You will be guided, by Judy, to purchase your flight and hotel directly with the airline or tour company, to arrive on Terceira Island either the early morning or the day before the retreat.  
The pricing above is an estimate, in Canadian dollars and will be confirmed once you contact the agent directly.
Judy has already confirmed the approximate costs of leaving from Toronto airport (as quoted above) and if you need other quotes, Judy will direct you where to get this, for our specific dates and hotel stay. 
This approximate cost is based on 1 person in a single room (double rooms available as well). 
Contact Judy to book your flights & hotels directly with Azores agent

STEP 3: Extra costs when on the islands

Breakfast is included each day in the hotels.
Airport transportation will be included in your itinerary with Azores getaways (double-check your itinerary before paying). 
Food and daily meals, snacks, tips, personal purchases, travel insurance, etc: These are all extra and you will be responsible for paying these along the way, on our retreat.
Rather than eating in larger tourist restaurants that are familiar with group menus, we will be experiencing unbelievably delicious traditional and typical Portuguese meals in many of Judy's favorite, smaller, local village restaurants.
Everyone will have an opportunity to order directly and pay accordingly.
Exceptional, yet reasonably priced food, is a beautiful part of this magical journey! 
No next steps on this for now, until you arrive on the island

What's included in this magical retreat? 


There are 3 costs for this retreat, which have been divided: 

1. 🌺 Flights & hotels are approx $3,897 Canadian (one room, single occupancy; double occupancy available) for these specific dates of the retreat, depending on the departure city. You will be guided by Judy to make this purchase directly with a tour company that Judy will share with you. Alternatively, you may have a favorite travel agent to book with.

2. 🌺 Guided daily travel to awe-inspiring sites, where we will experience sacred rituals and ceremonies to connect to Pachamama. This separate early bird cost includes all transportation to and from each site on each of the 8 days as well as the guided ceremonies and rituals by Judy, Laetitia, and Michael.

3. 🌺 Food, snacks, tips, personal purchases, and transportation to and from the airport. These are all extra and you will be responsible for paying these along the way, on our retreat. Breakfast is included during the hotel stay on Terceira Island. Rather than eating in larger tourist restaurants that are familiar with group menus, we will be experiencing unbelievably delicious traditional and typical Portuguese meals in many of Judy's favorite, smaller, local village restaurants. Everyone will have an opportunity to order directly and pay accordingly. Exceptional, yet reasonably priced food, is a beautiful part of this magical journey!         

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