Surrender to a 16 Day Deep Journey with the Cacao Consciousness so you can Raise Your Own Consciousness & Affect the world's shift into UNITY

Get instant access to these digital lessons and preparation for your 16 Day Ceremony with Judy to take you deep into your remembering and shed the next layers holding you back from expressing your Divinity

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The Cacao Consciousness DEEP DIVE

A 16 day guided journey into the Cacao Consciousness for next level clarity + Consciousness









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Both Judy Machado (of Goddess Temple Cacao) and Konstantine Bisbikos (of Biko Institute) were gifted this channelling directly from the Cacao Consciousness  

Cacao arrived in Judy's life when she was feeling stuck and craving massive Spiritual growth and contribution. Cacao instantly supported her to release many of Emotional Footprints and to connect to her wholeness and truth. Over time, after much shedding and expansion, the messages from the Cacao Consciousness were more frequent and more globally focused. As she was working with Konstantine Bisbikos on another healing program, they both received specific instructions on how to guide others to journey deep with the Cacao Consciousness through what is called the Goddess Temple Cacao 16 Day  Consciousness Deep Dive.


Judy Machado, Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao

Meet Konstantine Bisbikos

A Channel, Empath, Clairvoyant, Distant Healer, Energy Worker and the Founder of The Biko Institute and the Creator of THE BIKO METHOD: Bringing Conscious awareness and liberation to subconscious Emotional Footprint programs that contribute to Mental Health issues and unwanted emotional states and behaviours. Konstantine has a profound relationship with the Cacao Consciousness, being specifically guided to work with this Consciousness, along with Judy, to support higher frequency individuals into 5D and beyond. The Cacao Consciousness 16 Day Deep Dive was divinely given to us from the Cacao Consciousness and is tailored to both Judy and Konstantine's energy as fascinators to support you in experiencing what's in alignment wiht you.

A direct and Divine message and 16 day journey, gifted to Judy & Konstantine from the Cacao Consciousness, to share with the world. 

16 Days connecting deeply with the Cacao Consciousness, seeing beyond the veil of your existing Consciousness so that you can let go of your stories and limiting beliefs 

How does the Cacao Consciousness DEEP DIVE create enormous transformation + elevate your Consciousness? 

The Cacao Consciousness DEEP DIVE is guided by Judy Machado & Konstantine Bisbikos. Both in a Sacred relationship with the Cacao Consciousness, receiving specific information directly from the Consciousness, to share with others who are on an accelerated spiritual journey.  Now is the time to release our conditioned beliefs and step into the powerful Beings that we are, with Cacao supporting us in this transformation. The Cacao Consciousness has directed specific amounts of Ceremonial Cacao daily, for this DEEP DIVE & a specific heating process to ensure a connection to an even Higher Consciousness of this Master Plant. As you evolve faster than ever before in humanity, the Cacao Consciousness works with you through this DEEP DIVE to expand an Infinite Awareness onto those who are answering the Call.  

 Judy is your GUIDE, honouring the lineage while leading you into a deep, profound Sacred and Reverent journey and connection with the Cacao Consciousness where you will become significantly transformed at this time in your Spiritual EVOLution. 

Konstantine will support you at the end of your DEEP DIVE, in releasing any additional Emotional Footprints that are no longer aligned with your new Higher Consciousness and EVOLution. 

The Cacao Consciousness DEEP DIVE is for anyone who is already on an accelerated spiritual journey, has received a calling from Cacao, and is on a mission to share your gifts & support the rise of the Collective Consciousness.    

Cacao Has A Secret

Many people believe that Cacao needs to be cooked at a certain temperature in order to help you with your evolution.

Cacao, being a Master Plant Medicine, is far more advanced than we thought it was.

For those who are ready, Cacao is able to take you to higher levels of Consciousness when cooked at higher temperatures. But it’s not for everyone. If Cacao is reaching out to you to take you to a higher level of Consciousness, this is the place to be.

For those who have connected to Cacao in this way, will know this secret from the profound experience that they have had themselves.

They’ll know the difference between Cacao’s teachings at 432 and 528.

Both are beautiful and both also serve a purpose.

There’s a reason why the earth vibrates at 432 and the bee’s wings vibrate at 528 frequency.

Nature has it’s way of giving us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.

If we stay on one frequency forever, then we wouldn't evolve and we would never experience the colour spectrum as each colour vibrates at it’s own frequency just like our chakras do.

When Cacao is cooked at a higher temperature, Cacao communicates with our chakras for those that are already at a high level of Consciousness.

It’s like using a Swiss Army Knife…it’s multi fauceted tool.

To connect to the 528 frequency, the DEEP DIVE will include bringing the heat to a specific higher temperature and back, several times.

When you reach a higher temperature, you tap into a higher level of Consciousness of the cacao.

Only if you’re “ready” for this form of communication. If this is calling to you, then you’re ready.

We're living in a time of great change as the old global systems break down and crumble

Is CACAO calling to you?

Are you on an Accelerated Spiritual Journey with a higher calling to support the rise of the world's Collective Consciousness?  

Some are experiencing in 2 years an accelerated Spiritual Growth that would normally take a lifetime. Do you feel this is your experience??   

What a gift that we have this wonderful, heart opening Cacao medicine, to journey every day to meet the Cacao Spirit. The higher Consciousness will support us by bringing our subconscious Emotional Footprints (our stories and conditioned limiting programs) into light, to be acknowledged, loved and released. This creates inner guidance, keeping us motivated and inspired, through clarity and inner wisdom to navigate the unknown changes ahead.  Just as the world seems to be in chaos and suffering, some of the greatest collective and personal growth can occur.

Experience 16 days of guided Ceremony, into the Cacao Consciousness for heightened awareness & transformation

The Cacao Consciousness 16 Day Deep Dive was divinely channeled to Judy Machado & Konstantine Bisbikos to guide those on an accelerated Spiritual journey into a deep activation through Cacao.    


Awaken Your Higher Heart

Our Higher heart is a magnificent portal into higher Consciusness

Release Emotional Footprints

Your conditioned beliefs will surface and you will be guided to release them on your own as well with Konstantine, during a personalized session.

Change Your Reality 

As you raise into a higher Consciousness, your reality shifts and life becomes more effortless

Experience the wisdom of the Cacao Consciousness

You will be guided to adjust your diet during this 16 Day Ceremony. All foods have Consciousness and communicate with us. Cacao has specifically suggested certain foods to include and remove from this 16 day Ceremony so that the Cacao Consciousness can connect with you more profoundly during this period.  

Surrender to the guidance of the Cacao Consciousness

You will be guided to direct all  of your questions and thoughts to the Cacao Consciousness during this 16 Day Ceremony. You will become aware of how often you look outside of yourself to others, for acknowledgment, advice and approval and will be directed instead to bring all that curiosity to the Cacao Consciousness. When we ask, we receive. This 16 day ceremony will fundamentally shift your connect to infinite source energy. 

Experience the Consciousness taking you back Home

You will experience a deep connection and communication with this Sacred Plant Medicine, receiving insights and knowings relevant to your life and to the overall human journey especially during this time of extreme change.  You will forever grow this profound connection and support to guide you into Infinite source Consciousness.

Imagine feeling Divinely safe and guided all the time!

What if........

You can be connected so deeply with a higher Consciousness through a guided journey Divinely channeled by the Consciousness itself... 

Supporting you to:

  • Open your heart and connect to your feelings and emotions 
  • Surrender into the insights, memories, thoughts, feelings and knowings that are suddenly sprinkled into your awareness by the Cacao Consciousness 
  • Welcome and "see" all those stories and limited beliefs from higher perspectives and with your open heart, ignite the compassion needed to surrender the story and rise into a higher Consciousness
  • Develop a profound relationship with the Cacao Master Plant Medicine and Consciousness, igniting in you rememberings and knowings everyday thereafter

It is my greatest honor to share this Sacred relationship journey with the Cacao Consciousness and support you to be guide, nurtured and deeply connected to this Plant Medicine as well

Yes I want to be included in the next 16 Day Deep Dive!

Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive 

A Divine portal for next level clarity & Consciousness

When You Join Us for the Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness 16 Day Deep Dive ($3,418 For Just $888 group program)...

...You'll Get All Of These 12 Bonuses For FREE!


Bonus 1: Goddess Temple Ceremonial Cacao Delivered to Your Home

$131 VALUE

Included is all the Ceremonial Cacao you will need for the entire 16 Day Deep Dive (2 Bags of Ceremonial Cacao Paste + 1 Bag of Ceremonial Cacao Powder)

Bonus 2: Opening + Closing Ceremony AND Personalized Call with Judy

$1,750 VALUE

These online ceremonies will be 3  hours each and will be instrumental in igniting your Relationship with Self. Attending in person, in Toronto, is also available, at no extra cost. 

Bonus 3: Personalized Call With Konstantine

$250 VALUE

As you complete the DEEP DIVE, you will experience a personalized call with Konstantine Bisbikos, Creator of the Biko Institute. Konstantine will help to remove any lingering Emotional Footprints that have come to the surface from your Deep Dive

Bonus 4: What's APP Communication & Support During Deep Dive VALUE Priceless!

Judy will be guiding and supporting you daily through What's App voice texting 

Bonus 5: Optimal Thinking Hypnotherapy Track


The Biko Method Hypnotherapy track by Konstantine Bisbikos, will support you in going deep into your subconscious to assist you with positive thoughts and an optimistic outlook

Bonus 6: The Flame Technique: Sneak Peek

$150 VALUE

The Biko Institute Flame Technique created by Konstantine Bisbikos to support you in removing, on your own, your Rogue Emotions. You will learn how these come from your current beliefs, ready to be upgraded and how to use this technique on your own.

Bonus 7: Goddess Temple Cacao Ceremony Playlist



Goddess Temple has created a gorgeous Cacao Consciousness Ceremony Playlist and a Deep Ceremony Playlist that will speak to your SOUL and awaken your Relationship with Self

Bonus 8: Goddess Temple Cacao Meditation


A meditation recorded by Judy Machado to guide a deep remembering and awakening

Bonus 9: Exclusive 10% ongoing coupon for Goddess Temple Cacao VALUE Priceless!

Your practice and connection to the Cacao Consciousness will deepen and you will wish to continue your Sacred journey. You'll receive an exclusive 10% discount for all your Goddess Temple Cacao orders ongoing!    

Bonus 10: Invitation to the Goddess Temple Cacao Affiliate Program VALUE Priceless!

Your connection to the Cacao Consciousness will become so profound you may wish to share the Ceremonial Cacao and even this Deep Dive with your community.  You will be invited to join our Affiliate program where we share with you a percentage of sales as your friends, family and community purchase. And our Deep Dive graduates receive an additional exclusive 5% discount coupon to share with their community (not available to other Affiliates)!

Bonus 11: Relationship-With-Self Bone Activation Decree $197 VALUE

This powerful decree was channeled through as an activation of your Relationship with Self when speaking directly to your Sacred bones. 

Judy guides you through this activation in the Closing Ceremony and you receive a PDF to continue to speak it ongoing. 

Video Poster Image

Bonus 12: Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive Future Enrolment Discount VALUE Priceless

You will experience the beginning of a deeper awakening and journey through the Cacao Consciousness which may lead to additional 16 day Cacao Consciousness journeys. Should you register in the future, you will pay $888 $444 for the group journey or $1,444 $1,111 for the private journey. 

Pricing Options:

You can experience this DEEP DIVE either in a private setting or group setting. See options below:

Private Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive (date to be scheduled)

$1,444 ea

Private 16 Day Ceremony

  • Regular price: $3,418

  • Contact Judy on the button below to schedule your private Deep Dive. With this option you have Judy's full awareness and nurturing throughout the entire 16 day journey
  • Includes a private Opening and Closing Ceremony 

  • Includes all 12 Bonuses listed above
  • Detailed menu, heating guidelines and overall program sent to you once you register.  
Email Judy to Register

Group Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive (5 People)

$888 ea

Starts December 1, 2021

  • Regular price: $3,418

  • Next date is December 1-16, 2021
  • Opening Ceremony Online on Saturday December 4 (in person also available, at no extra cost if you are in the same city as Judy)
  • Closing Ceremony Online Sunday Dec 12 (in person also available, at no extra cost if you are in the same city as Judy)
  • Call with Konstantine Bisbikos of The Biko Institute to identify and release any Emotional Footprints (on Tue Dec 14)
  • Includes all 12 Bonuses listed above
  • Detailed menu, specific brewing instructions, overall program and next steps sent to you once you register.  
Email Judy to Register

Includes Ceremonial Cacao 

You will receive enough Ceremonial Cacao for your DEEP DIVE including a specific recipe with heating instructions, directed by the Cacao, to access a Higher level of the Cacao Consciousness

What will happen during the 16 Days DEEP DIVE?

  • NO CHANGE TO YOUR DAILY SCHEDULE: You will continue living as normal, going to work or doing whatever you normally do during those 16 days
  • FOOD: You will enjoy certain foods and avoid others, in order to allow the Cacao Consciousness to communicate with you most effectively
  • There are THREE PHASES to the Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive:



You will begin your special diet and spend the first 3 days preparing for the DEEP DIVE with little social interactions/social media (however still going to work or going through your normal day to day life, as usual). This phase is for introspective and preparing you to stay WITHIN during the Deep Dive






The Deep Dive period will begin and close with a DEEP DIVE CACAO CEREMONY with Judy, online (or you're welcome to join Judy in person if you are living in the same area). You will spend 8 days during the DEEP DIVE drinking a specific amount of CEREMONIAL CACAO twice daily, to connect deeply to the Consciousness. During this time, you will experience profound insights into your life and your conditioned beliefs (Emotional Footprints). Judy will guide you daily to share all ideas, thoughts and changes with the Cacao Consciousness rather than with others. This deep 8 day journey will ignite a profound shift in your intuition and connection to Infinite Source Consciousness.



You will spend the last 5 Post Deep Dive days experiencing more insights as the Cacao Consciousness continues to work with you. You will also have a private Biko Method session with Konstantine Bisbikos from The Biko Institute to aid you in releasing your Emotional Footprints in a powerful way.  



After registering, you will be sent full details of this 16 Day Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive

The 8 Day Cacao Consciousness DEEP DIVE... 

...with 3 day Preparation + 5 day Post Practice (16 days in total)

Are you ready for your 16 Day Deep Dive Journey?

There are only 5 spots available for each Deep Dive Journey to maintain deep connection.

Just imagine your reality once you rise in Consciousness and surrender more and more into the Divinity of life!

Yes include me in the next Deep Dive. Email Judy Here for Next Steps

The Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive Cacao Ceremony

There will be an opening and closing Ceremony during this 16 day Deep Dive 

YES JUDY! Include me in the next Goddess Temple Cacao  Consciousness 16 Day Deep Dive for just $888 (group) or $1,444 (private)!

If you don't already have the Ceremonial Cacao Morning Ritual Guide... 

.....get it here for free so you can start connecting with the Cacao Consciousness.


Everything you're going to get with this Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness 16 Day Deep Dive:

  1. Instant access to the Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness 16 Day Deep Dive Digital program to prepare you for your 16 Day Deep Dive
  2. 12 Bonuses to further support this 16 Day deep and profound inner transformation including Ceremonial Cacao delivered to your door
  3. Daily guidance from Judy during your 16 day Deep Dive
Total Value $3,418  
Contact Judy HERE to register!