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Sacred Circles + Ceremonies

Nourish with cacao and experience heart opening & inner guidance 

Cacao is a heart opening Master Plant Medicine

Cacao, aside from its many physical health benefits, is a powerful plant medicine. When used to assist daily spiritual practices such as meditation and journaling, you can bring your life into a place of alignment, momentum and fulfilment.

Are you new to Cacao?

Join Judy for this short free Meetup as she shares the secrets of this powerful Plant Medicine and how you can begin your very own daily morning Cacao Ceremony.

Register for the next FREE Online MeetUp on November 4

Upcoming Ceremonies:

Womb Connection + Sacred Cacao Heart Opening Ceremony

Online or in person

Next Date Thursday November 18 online or in person!

Honouring Mary Magdalene Through Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Next Ceremony Sunday morning November 7 online or in person!

This Ceremony will take place online through ZOOM (5 spots available in person in Toronto)

The link will be sent to you once you register. This event will not be recorded

What to expect at a Cacao Ceremony

+ During Judy's Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, we all sit in circle together with other beautiful souls, ready to expand your loving energy into the circle and beyond. 

+ You’ll learn about Sacred Cacao and her significance to today’s RISE OF CONSCIOUSNESS and you’ll discover a new and profound relationship to chocolate and pure Cacao 

+ You'll learn about the powerful benefits of Cacao and it's medicinal properties and how it can support you in today's challenging times

+ You'll also nourish your body, heart and soul with the Sacred Plant Medicine Cacao, as well as Cacao Tea, Cacao Nibs and dark chocolate (so that you can experience the Cacao's full expression)

+ Intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states can be unlocked, negative emotions released and we are then able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body. 

+ You'll be guided through meditation to silence your mind ..and journaling to ignite your inner compass and connect to the wisdom and spirit within you. Please bring your journals with you.

+ Blessing of your body, your past, your life and your intentions

Prepare yourself for a glorious heart opening journey & experience!

Please come with a light stomach so that the pure delicious Cacao medicine can take effect. More details are sent to you once you register

Join us for one of our Ceremonies either in person or online

Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive

A 16 Day Ceremony + deep journey into your next level clarity & Consciousness

See below.....

Are you already on an accelerated Spiritual Journey?

Are you familiar with Sacred Ceremonial Cacao??? Have you noticed a significant transformation from drinking Ceremonial Cacao? Do you feel that Cacao is calling to you in some way? Are you on an accelerated Spiritual journey with a higher calling to support the rise of the world's collective Consciousness? Some people are experiencing in 2 years an accelerated Spiritual Growth that would normally take a lifetime. Does this sound like your journey? If you're reading this, it may be that the Cacao Spirit is calling to you to support you in preparing for a significant jump in Consciousness in order to assist in the rise in the Collective Consciousness.

If you are interested in connecting with Cacao to assist you to open your heart, remove your Emotional Footprints, guide you on your spiritual journey and raise your individual vibration and consciousness, consider jumping
on board and join Judy Machado and Konstantine Bisbikos as they host  Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive.
In this 16 day ceremony, they will show you how to connect with the Cacao Consciousness, let you know what foods work well together with you and Cacao and also teach you how to use temperature at various frequencies to access this consciousness at higher levels of awareness in order to assist you even higher on your journey. 

Email Judy to request more info about the CACAO DEEP DIVE

Learn at our Cacao Circles + Ceremonies how to create your own morning ceremonial cacao ritual

Meet your Host, Judy Machado

Judy recently spent a year and half as Partner of a bean to bar chocolate company. She became infatuated with the spiritual history and significance of Cacao and whole heartily connected to the Spirit of this heart opening, Consciousness-raising plant medicine. 
She deepened her connection with the plant and began to experience a profound relationship with the Cacao higher Consciousness, receiving messages to share with the world. 
Cacao has been guiding her to share this medicine with others to experience though daily rituals, Ceremonies, Cacao Consciousness 16 Day Deep Dive Journeys, and Cacao + Wellness Retreats in Peru & the Azores. 
Judy is a certified Coach & Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy™. She is also the Author of Life Purpose Playbook, and Creator of GODDESS TEMPLE CACAO 


"I love everything about it. It was such a beautiful experience to learn about the history of cacao and the lessons it has for us, open our hearts and connect with other like-minded souls. I could definitely feel myself opening up emotionally as the ceremony went on, and the messages I received were exactly what I needed to hear at that time. I left feeling uplifted and inspired"


"My morning with Judy at her Cacao Ceremony was simply delightful. Judy has a way of making all of her guests feel completely welcome and at ease. Her excitement for the history of cacao’s medicine was infectious and we all couldn’t wait to taste the warm pure chocolate. It was magic in a cup! The entire session was spiritually filled with delicious ceremonial chocolate, time to journal and with Judy’s loving guidance, it was wonderful way to spend my morning. I look forward to the next one."


"I held a cacao ceremony with my daughter. She is a songwriter (one of many amazing hats she wears) and has had a creative block for soe time. Immediately following the ceremony she went to isolate and completed a new song from start to finish!!! "

Dorian Lucchetta

"The Ceremonial Cacao is wonderful and has already become an enriching part of my mornings. I made a batch with a pinch of raw organic sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne pepper... great as is or with a hint of almond milk as well for the kids. "


"I drink Ceremonial Cacao every morning as part of my morning ritual. I just can't go without it. I look forward to it every morning and it helps me to have energy and bring clarity to my day. "

Lisa Kelly

"Before the Cacao ceremony with Judy, I expressed that my sister's death caused me to leave the funeral industry because it brought up too much hurt. During the Cacao Ceremony, I received insights to come back into the industry now and support those who need guidance with end-of-life transitioning! From drinking Cacao often, I now have so many stories like this, the guidance I know Cacao is guiding me, and I'm so so grateful for this beautiful medicine. "


"By the end of my Ceremonial Cacao mediation, I was experiencing an overwhelming feeling of love... for myself and for others. I felt surrounded by white light at times and orange at times. It was incredible!. "


Ritualize your Cacao. Root into your heart. Feed Your Soul

After you experience this beautiful heart opening ceremony, you'll want to bring this level of intention and mindfulness into your life every day. In our Cacao Ceremonies, we'll show you how you can bring a cacao elixir into your life every morning through an intention setting RITUAL. A RITUAL is a practice for making everyday SACRED.

Book Instead An In-Home Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Imagine hosting a Sacred Cacao Ceremony in your home with your best friends and family included! Or for added intentions and blessing for a specific event such as a Wedding Shower or Engagement party!

Everyone is asked to bring their favourite mug to experience the Sacred cacao drink, to then be encouraged to use ongoing in creating your very own Sacred Cacao ritual every morning, to start your day with intention & an open heart. 

Part of the ceremony is to have your home blessed with the sacred ceremonial cacao, which will be poured into your garden or onto one of your indoor plants.

Email [email protected] to discuss dates and next steps

Creating enlightening experiences

All you need is Love and more chocolate







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