Shamanic Breathwork + Cacao Ceremony

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Why Shamanic breathwork? 

Assists in positive self-development
Reduces stress
Boosts immunity levels and alkalizes the body
Assists in processing emotions, heals emotional trauma and pain
develops life skills and increaseed self-awareness
Enriches creatiivty
Increases one's joy and happiness
Releases negative thoughts
Oversomes addictions
Releases anger, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, grief, emotional effects of illness, and PTSD
Dislodge deep seated trauma, nervous system dysregulation, stress, energetic imbalances, anxiety, PTSD, additions and depression

Experience heart-opening through Cacao

before we begin our powerful breathwork 




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Why Combine Cacao + Shamanic Breathwork?


Cacao Heart Opening 

Cacao will open up your heart and support you to feel your body 

Guided Breathwork 

The breath is a portal to transformation and into another reality 

Experience an Altered State 

Awaken your body from within and experience a deep journey into another state

Sit in Sacred Space

Let us guide you, along with Sacred Cacao, into your breath and into your heart so that you can access your Emotional Body and experience your blissfully Divine authentic Self.  

Shamanic Breathwork awakens the Shaman/healer/Medicine Man or Woman within

It's Sacred work as you connect to the innate wisdom and Divinty within you. 

Meet your Hosts:

Reena and Judy are combining the "medicines" of Cacao and Breathwork, for you to experience an even greater emotional release and awakening into your body

Meet Reena

Spiritual life coach, healer and clairvoyant, Having met her own spiritual teachers at the age of 6, she has been surrounded by Divine Souls, spiritual teachings and meditation for much of her life. A student of world renowned teachers and masters like Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan of Oneness in India, Jonathan C.R. Davies, who is the creator of The Unity Bubble Program in Canada, as well as Peggy Pheonix Dubro and Eric Pearl from the U.S., Tahitian Islands and Bahamas.

Meet Judy

As a former Partner of a Bean to Bar Chocolate company, Judy became infatuated with the spiritual history and significance of Cacao and whole heartily connected to the Spirit of this heart opening, Consciousness-raising plant medicine. Over the years, she deepened her connection with the plant and began to experience a profound relationship with the Cacao higher Consciousness, receiving messages to share with the world. 
Cacao has exponentially accelerated her spiritual journey and she now shares this Sacred Cacao with others to experience as well.

What happens during a Shamanic Breathwork + Cacao Ceremony? 

A Shamanic Breathwork + Cacao Ceremony begins by establishing safe and Sacred space through various rituals and ceremonies such as saging and offering powerful invocations to the 7 directions. Once you have stated your heartfelt intent, you lie down and focus on surrendering to the Divine Healer within along with your I AM presence, Higher Self and Guides in Spirit. 

  • As you connect to the rythmic power of your breath, you create a natural altered state of flow where the ego defence are released and your journey begins to unfold. 
  • Each breathwork session is unique to you in that moment  and no two breathwork journeys are ever the same
  • It is ideal if you have Ceremonial Cacao with you. Please see below on how you can order some in preparation for this ceremony.  

Healing Music

Throughout the ceremony, there will be music and crystal bowls to increase your frequency and presence  





When we get out of our own way and drop into the body, we can reach a heightened state of awareness & high vibrational energy. 

This state allows us to to be aware of and to block emotions and traumas while we imagine a future self that is whole. The process of conscious breathwork supports the deep emotional healing necessary for emotional well being and balance. 

Conscious breathwork takes you beyong your mind

and beyond the illusion of seperation

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