It's almost time for our Sacred Cacao Ceremony!

The list below will guide you in preparation of the ceremonies that we offer. Join our Facebook group to keep updated on upcoming ceremonies as well!


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All our guests are always so grateful and experience Sacred healing and transformation. 

See below for how to prepare for our upcoming Sacred Cacao Ceremony: 


Ceremonial Cacao

This is a Sacred Cacao  Ceremony and we will be drinking Ceremonial Cacao together to connect to the Consciousness and to experience it’s magnificent effects in opening up our hearts. If you have raw Cacao at home, please prepare a drink and have with you ( no more than a full cup). If you don’t have Ceremonial Cacao see below to order some from Goddess Temple Cacao.  We will be drinking the cacao around 30 minutes into the ceremony, so heat it and bring it inside a small pot to keep it warm. See button below for how to heat your Ceremonial Cacao. 

Create a Sacred Space

Create and sit in a Sacred space in your home for this online circle. Think about having a cushion to sit on during the first part of the online circle,  a yoga mat + blanket to lay down for the second part during the meditations and activations. Or a cozy place on your couch where you can sit and also lie down during the ceremony. A Sacred space is a space that makes you feel joy….maybe you have crystals with you, flowers, cushions, a warm blanket. 


Have a glass of water with you in case you get thirsty towards the end of the Ceremony

A Journal

Have a journal and pen with you

Keep Some Tissues Nearby

This Ceremony may or may not bring up for you some deep embedded emotions to acknowledge and release. 

A Candle to bring symbolic light and fire into the Ceremony

Have a candle and lighter/match with you for a candle lighting we will do together as we begin our Ceremony 

Favorite Instrument

You may wish to bring one of your favourite instruments to join along as we enjoy beautiful songs together and express the music through your body and your voice

Eat lightly before the Ceremony

Plan to eat only a light meal no more than 3 hours before the Ceremony. The lighter the contents in your stomach, the more the Cacao can take you into a deeper journey

Please arrive on time 

Please arrive at least 5 minutes early on ZOOM so as not to disrupt once we begin the Ceremony. This Ceremony is Sacred and sitting in a quite space ready to begin without disrupting anyone by arriving late, is ideal. 


Essential Oils Frankinsense & Ylang Ylang

Frankincense is correlated with one of the most prized possessions of ancient biblical times, as it was considered valuable enough to be given as a gift to Christ after his birth. Frankincense was also used during religious ceremonies for salves for soothing skin and perfume. Ylang Ylang has a special place in Judy's heart as THE oil of Mary Magdalene. Judy experiences the aroma and effects in her bath water and on her neck, face and belly button! Maybe you'll enjoy it these ways too? 

If you would like a copy of Judy’s (Goddess Temple Cacao's) SACRED CACAO DRINK RECIPE, please click here for the complimentary PDF. 
Let us know if you have any questions! 

Watch this youtube video to help you to make your CEREMONIAL CACAO dose for this Ceremony. 



Here is the ZOOM link to join us for the LIVE Sacred Cacao Ceremony. Please arrive a few minutes early in case you have issues connecting on the call.
This is a Sacred Ceremony so please plan to arrive early so as not to disrupt the beginning of the Ceremony.  


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Is CACAO calling to you?

Are you on an Accelerated Spiritual Journey with a higher calling to support the rise of the world's Collective Consciousness?  

Some are experiencing in 2 years an accelerated Spiritual Growth that would normally take a lifetime. Do you feel this is your experience??   

The Goddess Temple Cacao Consciousness 16 day Ceremony is a guided journey into a the Cacao Consciousness for next level clarity + Consciousness.

Email Judy requesting more information if this resonates.

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Do you need some Ceremonial Cacao for this Ceremony?

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Meet your host Judy Machado:

I'm so excited to guide you into this radical heart opening, Consciousness shifting experience by holding space for you to connect to the Divine higher Consciousness of the Sacred Master Plant Theobroma Cacao.