Experience Peru Untouched - 8 Day Retreat

Hosted by THE GODDESS TEMPLE & La Patarashca Tour Company: Next date to be confirmed

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Experience Magical Peruvian Culture with our Beautiful Peruvian family

We've formed many beautiful soul connections and loving relationships in Tarapoto, Peru and we're excited to share all of this with you. All untouched (no Touristy areas) & all are LOCAL experiences. Tarapoto is a short flight from Lima.

Picking cacao pods right from the tree

Taste the delicious fruit inside the cacao pods, from many different cacao variations, as well as many other superfoods found in the Peruvian jungles


Experience world famous Peruvian gastronomy....we're not kidding! Our co-hosts are Owners of La Patarashca, world renown cuisine! 

Amazon River Hike

Enjoy hours walking through nature and several crossings of the Rio De Cumbaza. Meditations on rocks, gifting flowers to the Waterfall Mermaids and enjoying nature along the way! 

Waterfall Walk

We'll spend a day journeying through the Rio de Cumbaza to the gorgeous Huacamaillo Falls 

Peruvian Culture & Familia

Join us in visiting local artisans and spectacular natural settings in the high jungle of Tarapoto

Canto Del Rio

Experience your stay during this retreat in this newly built Amazon Lodge and oasis tucked away alongside the famous Rio De Cumbaza. 

Lodging with pool

Beautiful newly built jungle lodge and refreshing wading pool

Open Kitchen

Enjoy your culinary experience everyday outdoors in the clean, fresh Amazon air

Tucked in nature

Surrounded by beautiful Amazon trees and plants 


Each adorable lodge has floor to ceiling screens so you can soak in the relaxing and soulful sounds of the gorgeous Rio de Combaza 


Delicious Peruvian meals made for you with Love. 


On the river bank of the Rio De Cumbaza, we'll enjoy ecstatic dancing and journeying through the waters throughout our stay

Pure Nature & Culture

Experience nature as it was intended and in it's purist form

Cacao Ceremony

Experience an ancient sacred cacao blessing ceremony on the full moon on January 24

Bathing in Chocolate

Enjoy exfoliating with cacao in the river

Cacao Tea Meditation & Journaling

Combining cacao tea and mindful meditation and journalling for an enlightening experience

Meet your host Judy

Judy Machado-Duque is the Author of Life Purpose Playbook, Creator of GODDESS TEMPLE CACAO. Her biggest passion is to participate in as many ways as possible to bring more Love to humanity, to expand the collective consciousness into a place of compassion, unity, abundance, and Love.
Website: www.goddesstemplecacao.com

Singing By the River

Playing instruments, chanting and dancing together in the glorious riverbed, as a full moon celebration!

Fires by the River

Enjoy playing instruments and chanting together while circled around a beautiful big fire by the river

Coffee & Superfood Tastings

Experience superfoods & coffee tastings from a local roaster in an adorable cafe in downtown Tarapoto. You will LOVE the setting and this experience! 

Taste Cacao Fruit Right From the Tree!

Enjoy the different tastes and favours from different varieties of cacao

Playing Instruments Together

Exploring different riverbeds and natural swimming pools

Together Creating Art Along The Way

Having fun Basking in Mother Nature, Creating Art Together And Being Present 

There's More.......

"I absolutely loved this retreat and will do it again! Everyone we met was in fact like family, and each adventure was so fascinating and enlightening! Judy & Eric are special people who wear their heart on their sleeves! What an incredible week to experience the magic of all that is Tarapoto! "


"The hike to the waterfall was probably the most significant & healing for me in many ways! The nature, the group connection, the activities and the food: everything was magical from the beginning of this trip to the very end!"


"All we had to do was book our flights and pack our clothes and we ended up on a beautiful adventure every day. Going into the Amazon normally would have been more nerve wrecking for me but knowing that all of the details and logistics were already planned helped me be at ease and truly submerege myself in the daily experience. It was amazing from beginning to end. Our hosts Judy and Eric were like family...almost immediately. They took care of us and made me feel relaxed and at home. Every day was a new adventure filled with surprises and all of the Peruvians we met were so friendly and full of love. This was a beautiful and special travel experience. The Amazon that we were blessed to see was probably the most beautiful thing I have witnessed and experienced. It is so full of life and love! Our Peruvian co-host Cindy was truly amazing and she spoiled us with amazing cuisine! The food was so fresh and good for the soul. I'm usually an insomniac and had no trouble sleeping on this trip! Great energy, love and experiences shared on this trip, highly recommended to anyone looking to experience true Mother Nature at Her finest. Also, bring hiking shoes! Thanks Judy and Eric for an awesome trip!"


Our Friends & Tour Operator

La Patarashca Tour Operators have an incredibly extensive & magical portfolio of tours in Peru and have become family to us. All reservations will be booked directly through La Patarashca, with THE GODDESS TEMPLE as your Host for the 8 glorious days!


Price to be confirmed shortly



Payment to be made in SOLES, the Peruvian currency (contact Judy on link below to organize payment through secure Tour Company VISA/Mastercard link). 

Flights not included.


(Payment Plan available as well). 

Email [email protected] to book your spot!

What's Included in our next Retreat In Peru:

  • 8 days, 8 nights in Tarapoto Peru in Canto Del Rio
  • Pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gourmet, delicious cuisine! 
  • Gorgeous lifestyle photos taken of you throughout the trip
  • Shared accommodations
  • Daily morning yoga classes
  • Transportation (pick up & drop off at Tarapoto Airport and all transportation in between)



  • flights 
  • alcoholic drinks
  • meat dishes (all meals will be pescatarian or vegetarian or vegan. This retreat is plant based to support a healthy diet throughout your stay. 

Do you have any questions?

Please reach out to Judy at [email protected] (or on the button below) to share your interest and we'll register you on the phone. We're so excited to bring you into our beautiful Peruvian world!


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