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This beautiful Digital Program will support you in connecting to the Cacao Consciousness and creating your very own daily ceremony. 

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Cacao is a heart opening, Consciousness expanding medicine for our awakening


From feeling unable to receive direct guidance from the Universe to experiencing clear messages and a deep connection to Source..... 

Meet Judy......

"Dear Love,

I used to feel like I needed others who were intuitive to guide me.

"Cacao came into my life when I was feeling stuck and craving massive Spiritual growth and contribution.

Cacao instantly supported me to release many of my limiting beliefs, conditioned paradigms and Emotional Footprints and to connect me to my wholeness and my Truth.

This daily deep and profound journey with the Cacao Consciousness has ignited in me my own intuition, connection and remembering of my Divinity and my personal powers."  Judy xx


Judy has a Sacred relationship with the Cacao Consciousness, which is guiding her to support those on an accelerated Spiritual journey to release their conditioned stories and limiting beliefs, awaken their high heart and raise their Consciousness. All this through your own daily ritual and ceremony with Cacao.

"We all have gifts to bring to this world and Cacao helped me to clarify and awaken these and to have deep profound insights, rememberings and knowings that have supported me in my Spiritual journey into unconditional love.

What if you also had a guide to support you to see beyond your limitations and to stay in this space consistently and effortlessly? 

I'm committed to sharing the many ways that your inward awakening and journey can be supported with Ceremonial Cacao! 

"Until all of us have made it. None of us have made it." Helen Keller"

Love, Judy Machado (Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao)

My heart is so full as I share with those on an accelerated Spiritual journey how they can raise their Consciousness through a daily Cacao Master Plant Medicine journey

Did you know that the world's FAVOURITE FOOD....chocolate...is made from CACAO, which is a Master Teacher Plant Medicine???

Cacao has been used Ceremonially through Indigenous communities for thousands of years to connect to your heart. This Master Plant Medicine is a Teacher Plant, here to open up our heart and take us beyond our current level of Consciousness to see beyond our limiting stories and beliefs.

Cacao is not a psychedelic, yet it works with you throughout your day, opening you up to new perspectives and possibilities. 

We're living in a time of great change as the old global systems break down and crumble. 

What a gift that we have this wonderful, heart opening Cacao drink (and medicine!) to journey every day to meet the Cacao Spirit.

The Cacao higher Consciousness supports us by bringing our subconscious Emotional Footprints and programs into light, to be acknowledged, loved and released. This creates inner guidance, keeping us motivated and inspired, through clarity and inner wisdom to navigate the unknown changes ahead. 

Just as the world seems to be in chaos and suffering, some of the greatest collective and personal growth is occurring.

Learn to create your very own DAILY Sacred Cacao Ritual and Ceremony to raise your Consciousness 

What to expect from this powerful video series from Judy, Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao?

There are 8 powerful Modules in this Online Course, all guided by Judy Machado, Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao. All are videos of Judy sharing, educating, inspiring and guiding you to begin your journey with this powerful Plant Medicine. 

Lesson 1:




In this foundational lesson, you will learn all about Consciousness, what it means to raise your Consciousness and how this will help you to live with deep inner peace and joy.


You will also learn HOW to be open to accelerated awareness and expansion.  

Lesson 2:



When you learn about the honouring and Sacredness that you bring to this heart opening medicine, you experience new perspectives so you can shed your conditioned stories and create new realities. When we change our beliefs, we raise our Consciousness

Lesson 3:



Understand how Ceremonial Cacao will guide you to see different perspectives for all your challenges, other than fear.




See just how Cacao will help you to understand that everything you experience is part of your journey towards EVOLution (LOVE spelled backwards) 

Lesson 5:



Learn how to set a beautiful space for your daily ritual and ceremony; a Sacred space that then becomes the beginning of a deep and profound understanding that all is Sacred




Lesson 6:



You will learn how to make the Ceremonial Cacao, where the deep connection begins, and you will use the specific heating instructions guided by the Cacao Consciousness for those on an accelerated journey, as well as how to drink the Cacao for deep connection.


Lesson 7: 



You will learn how to create your own Sacred morning Cacao Ceremony every day, as well as take part in a mini Ceremony with Judy in one of the modules

Lesson 8: Ceremonial Cacao Deep Dive:

16 Day Ceremony


 If you're being called to go even deeper with the Cacao Consciousness, you will learn specific guidance Judy received from the Cacao, to support those who are on a accelerated Spiritual journey.  

Even if you haven't had Plant Medicines and you haven't experienced a Cacao Ceremony before, you will become powerfully transformed!

in fact........

There are people all over the world also on a Spiritual journey of growth and contribution who are experiencing the Cacao Consciousness every day!

They're experiencing the Cacao Consciousness every day to guide them in ways that you aren't even aware yet are possible, like:

-Connecting to the Higher Consciousness daily, to open their heart and take them beyond their veil of illusions (beyond their level of Consciousness into a higher awareness)

-To experience an expanded awareness beyond the limited perspectives seen in your current level of Consciousness

-To see the other perspectives on our stories and limiting beliefs so we can release these and unblock our potential

-Gaining clarity of their purpose and meaning in this lifetime 

-Feeling safe and supported in today's unprecedented global events 

-Raise your Consciousness and affect the rise of the world's collective Consciousness

It is my greatest honour to share with you how I came to have a Sacred relationship with the Cacao Consciousness and support you also to be guided and nurtured by this DIVINE Plant Medicine

Here are some heart felt examples of how these people have been guided by their daily Ceremonial Cacao ritual and Ceremony and how it's created new realities for themselves including..

releasing blocks and stories, to gain clarity, meaning & purpose + feel safe and supported in today's Global Collective shedding:  

Dorrian Lucchetta

"I held a cacao ceremony with my daughter. She is a songwriter (one of many amazing hats she wears) and has had a creative block for some time. Immediately following the ceremony she went to isolate and completed a new song from start to finish!!!"



 "The Ceremonial Cacao morning ritual is one of the best, most profound experiences of my entire life!
The Cacao is such a Sacred Higher Consciousness. It completely opened up my chakras, especially my heart! I feel pure unconditional love!!
I'm doing the healing work, learning to love myself and be the best version of myself, one day at a time, one layer at a time.
Words cannot even describe
how I feel about this incredible experience of connecting to the Cacao Consciousness.""


Cacao Helps in Healing The Soul

"When I drink Ceremonial Cacao I experience the feeling of complete, true unconditional love and abundance. I'm finding that I'm living now in a higher vibration and that I want to continue to grow. I'm seeing the changes in others through our interactions. I'm realizing that healing myself is healing those around me and it's beautiful to witness.  For the first time in my life, I know I'm valuable and beautiful just the way I am. I'm shining my light. I feel like I'm slowly unraveling. It's like unwrapping a present and inside is the real me. I feel like I'm coming home. This experience has altered my life path and I can't wait trust, open and accept the beauty that this life and the universe has to offer."



“Cacao has provided me with deep healing medicine. As someone with c-ptsd, cacao has brought me a sense of safety and peace, an experience of feeling held and loved. The medicine is subtle and speaks softly - it would be easy to go on with my day and not notice it - but when I am present and sit with cacao, its effects are so beautiful. I have been bringing cacao into grief and death rituals, and it has been a balm to be held by the gentle medicine of cacao. I am so grateful for this sacred teacher plant.”


"By the end of my Ceremonial Cacao mediation, I was experiencing an overwhelming feeling of love... for myself and for others. I felt surrounded by white light at times and orange at times. It was incredible!. "



"The Ceremonial Cacao is wonderful and has already become an enriching part of my mornings. I made a batch with a pinch of raw organic sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne pepper... great as is or with a hint of almond milk as well for the kids."


Lisa Kelly

"I drink Ceremonial Cacao every morning as part of my morning ritual. I just can't go without it. I look forward to it every morning and it helps me to have energy and bring clarity to my day."



"It is a heart-opening medicine

I've been trying to put into words all the amazing things Cacao and the morning ritual has brought to my life. The thing is, there aren't any words. So the best I can do is list the things I've become more aware of each morning as I sit and thank the universe, goddess Isis, and the Cacao for being a part of my guide team and journey. I can feel my heart opening up more and more every day. Seriously, it's real. Some days I'm bursting with so much love and joy that I cry!"

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BONUS #1: My Daily Cacao Ritual & Ceremony Checklist

My Daily Cacao Ritual and Ceremony Checklist - Value PRICELESS!

"If you're anything like me, images are the fastest way to understand something.   

This is why I created this checklist! To visually see everything you can bring together to create your Sacred space and personalized Sacred Cacao Ceremony"



BONUS #2 How To Create A Ceremonial Cacao Morning Ritual - Guide & Recipe 

This double sided and foldable GUIDE has been designed by Judy to support you to begin your Sacred Daily Ritual. 

It includes the Ceremonial Cacao recipe, how to create your Sacred Space for the Ceremony, 6 steps to support you in connecting directly with the Cacao Consciousness and more.

Print it double sided and then fold to create a mini Guide.

BONUS #3 Cacao Ceremony Flash Cards - value $18

These Cacao Ceremony Flash Cards will support you to release your deep rooted stories and limiting beliefs.  The Sacred Cacao Plant Medicine will open up your heart chakra so you can be ready to shift your perspective on your limiting beliefs and stories. Only when you change your story, can you raise your Consciousness. 

You can have these cards with you as you enjoy your daily Sacred Cacao Ritual and Ceremony. They will guide you with a deep Spiritual insight and question so that you can journey into additional perspectives, guided by the Cacao Master Plant Medicine.

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What's Included in this special Beginners Cacao Daily Ritual & Ceremony Online Course?

"I know just how curious you are about Ceremonial Cacao because I remember that feeling like it was yesterday!

I wanted to learn everything I could about Ceremonial Cacao and at the time, I couldn't find one place for it all. This is why I created: The Beginners Cacao Daily Ritual & Ceremony Online Course.

I wish to get this into your hands because I know how this can create so much expansion for you as learn to connect to the Cacao Consciousness. 

Wishing you so much love and joy!"

Judy Machado


Yes! Share with me instant access to this course for just $33!

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I'm so excited for your transformation and committed to your spiritual growth with Cacao that I'm including a 100% guarantee that you'll love this program, or I'll return your $22. And you can keep the Online Course! 🌺

If you don’t feel that The Beginners Cacao Daily Ritual & Ceremony Online Course is worth multiple times what you paid, send me an email within 30 days of registering and I’ll refund your $22. No questions asked. 

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"I hope you enjoy the Online Course. I hope you watch it all and begin your own daily Sacred Cacao ritual, experiencing beautiful transformation and spiritual growth. 

I wish for you to start watching these videos right away because I know how this can transform your mindset, Consciousness and reality.....forever. 

With so much Love",
Judy Machado

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You will receive my Beginners Cacao Morning Ritual & Ceremony Online Course  (instant access). I share many of the profound insights & lessons guided to me by the Cacao itself. I've been blessed with many beautiful significant insights and messages from the Cacao and I'm sharing these with you here so you can see what's possible for you also to experience when you connect to the Cacao Consciousness. 

I also show you step by step how to get started creating your own daily Cacao Ritual and Ceremony so you can begin your relationship and connection to the Cacao as well. And it’s only $33.
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