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Some Affiliate programs have rules: you must post a certain number of times, have an email list that is at least a certain size, etc. etc. This comes from an old paradigm of separation and limitation. 

What if we take away all the rules and just play?


This collaboration will benefit the greater good of all as you share these sacred heart-opening medicines with your community and beyond! 


You can earn beautiful money for every sale you send our way!



🌺 As our Profit Share Partner, you are provided a unique referral link that can be shared with others. 

🌺 When you use your referral link, the system we use tracks website visitors and purchases that originated from that link.

🌺 There is a 90-day cookie period, where our system can track your link's validity and attribute sales to your profit share account. This means that when people click your link & make a purchase within a 90-day (3-month) period, you will receive a commission!

🌺 At any time you can login to the Goddess Temple Cacao Profit Share Platform and see how many clicks and sales have been recorded. 

Why join us?

Co-create with us to impact humanity & build wealth

Judy has a beautiful system in place to support all Profit Share Partners through her Profit Share Learning Centre. 

Create a new stream of income

Build multiple streams of income as we come together to collaborate and support one another, sharing these Goddess Temple Cacao products and services with others. 

Benefit from our upsells and automation expertise

Additional purchases can occur through automated discounts. 
This is phenomenal for the Profit Share Partner (YOU!) because commissions are based on the entire sale through the cart and 90 day cookie period. What a magnificent and expansive way to share profits and support anyone and everyone to create extra income!

For every sale

that is attributed to your profit share referral link,

you will receive a percentage of the sale (before shipping and taxes):

 🌺 Ceremonial Cacao Products 10% commission

🌺 Cacao Ceremonies in person 10% commission

🌺 Cacao Facilitators Training (& Cacao Dieta) 10% commission

🌺 Metamorphosis Guided Cacao Ceremony & Meditation Journey recorded at 432 Hz 25% commission 

Liberate yourself from...

a job, from a 9-5, from a schedule, a desk, and from a system, and instead, co-create (and share in profits!) with those who have products, services and "medicines" for your friends, family, and community. 

This is a global movement that can transform the way we create the new economy through Soverign income.

"It's magnificent how we can easily affect change in the world when we come together and support one another. 

That's why sharing 50% with you, (with some of my offerings), feels so juicy to me! It's rare in the Affiliate world, which is exactly where I feel we need to be: redesigning and recreating new systems that benefit us all, EQUALLY!" Judy

Join us in our Profit Share Offering