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"Dear Love,

Your deeper journey with the Sacred Cacao Plant Medicine is beginning and I'm so excited for how much expansion you'll be continuously experiencing. 

I used to feel like I needed others who were intuitive to guide me. This daily deep and profound journey with the Cacao Consciousness has ignited in me my own intuition, connection and remembering of my Divinity and my personal powers. You can experience the same, and so much more! 

My heart is so full as I so humbly share with you through this video program, how you can also connect deeply. 

"Until all of us have made it. None of us have made it." Helen Keller"

Love, Judy Machado (Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao)

Here are all the bonuses you now receive with the Beginners Cacao Daily Ritual & Ceremony Online Course:

BONUS #1: My Daily Cacao Ritual & Ceremony Checklist

My Daily Cacao Ritual and Ceremony Checklist - Value PRICELESS!

This checklist has so many beautiful suggestion to add to your Sacred Space and Ceremony through images and text.

Click here to download My Daily Cacao Ritual and Ceremony Checklist

BONUS #2 How To Create A Ceremonial Cacao Morning Ritual - Guide & Recipe 

This double sided and foldable GUIDE has been designed by Judy to support you to begin your Sacred Daily Ritual. 

It includes the Ceremonial Cacao recipe, how to create your Sacred Space for the Ceremony and 6 steps to support you in connecting directly with the Cacao Consciousness. Print it double sided and then fold to create a mini Guide.

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BONUS #3 Cacao Ceremony Cut-Out Flash Cards - value $22

These Cacao Ceremony Flash Cards will support you to release your deep rooted stories and limiting beliefs.  The Sacred Cacao Plant Medicine will open up your heart chakra so you can be ready to shift your perspective on your limiting beliefs and stories. Only when you change your story, can you raise your Consciousness. 

You can have these cards with you as you enjoy your daily Sacred Cacao Ritual and Ceremony. They will guide you with a deep Spiritual insight and question so that you can journey into additional perspectives, guided by the Cacao Master Plant Medicine.

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Do you have any Ceremonial Cacao to begin or continue your daily Sacred Cacao Ceremony?

Here is our Ceremonial Cacao Starter Kit, discounted to support your journey:

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If you're feeling called to go even deeper with the Cacao Consciousness, Then Join Us To Experience the Goddess Temple Cacao Conciousness DEEP DIVE: 

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