Are you hyped up on coffee vs "connected" with Ceremonial Cacao?

Let's explore your relationship with coffee and the possibility of replacing it with a Sacred ancestral heart-opening medicine that was once only available to Shamans and conscious teachers. 

Are you ready for 5 days drinking Ceremonial Cacao together???

5 Days of guided ceremony with Judy Machado

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This 5 Day Challenge 

is for those on a spiritual journey who are ready to heal their heart, ignite a cosmic creativity, are hearing the calling from the Cacao and are ready to serve at a higher level.

Is that you? 


During this 5 Day Challenge, you will experience the transformational, heart-opening benefits of an intentional Ceremonial Cacao morning practice,

and receive guidance on how to create your own

— to ignite a sanctuary of Divine love within your heart,

again and again.

Attn Coaches, Healers and all others on a spiritual journey:


You'll be guided back to the moment when you started to drink coffee and why it became a habit for you. Through this journey of awareness, you will become conscious of this and other habits and from this place, you can tap into your heart to feel just how much your habits are serving or not serving you. 

Whether you drink your coffee every day or just once in a while, experience an alternative morning ritual to journey deep within to expand your awareness, creativity and connection to the Absolute.


There are certain things you can do every day to instantly and permanently alter your Consciousness. Deepen your spiritual practice by ritualizing this morning mindfulness and connection to Spirit through multidimensional Cacao.


This 5-Day Challenge is absolutely free!

Judy, Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao,  guides you through 5-daily videos of her Daily Ceremonial Cacao Ritual to unravel the cosmic you!

"The awakening of Consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind."


-Eckhart Tolle 

What's Included In The 5-Day FREE Challenge?

Daily short videos with Judy, Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao

Judy guides you, through 5 daily recorded videos, to learn about, connect to and experience this heart-opening, Consciousness shifting drink. 
It is recommended that you have with you a cup of Ceremonial Cacao ready for us to drink together. If you need to purchase some, no worries, you will receive an email with some options. 

Meet your Guide & Ceremonialist 

Hi Love! I'm Judy,

When I became suddenly infatuated with the spiritual history and significance of Cacao, I whole heartedly connected to the Spirit of this heart-opening, Consciousness-raising plant medicine.
Over the years, I deepened my connection with the plant and Spirit, and began to experience a profound and sacred relationship with the Cacao higher Consciousness, receiving messages to share with the world. 
Cacao has exponentially accelerated my spiritual journey and I now share this Sacred Cacao with others to experience the same, in order to feel safe, supported and whole amongst the unravelling of the chaos, and old systems, in the world today. 
It brings me so much joy to support others to connect to this glorious heart-opening medicine though daily rituals, Ceremonies, Cacao Consciousness 16 Day Deep Dive Journeys, and Cacao + Wellness Retreats in Peru & the Azores. 

Here's what people are saying about this 5-Day Challenge:

"I had the most amazing cup of
ceremonial cacao paste this morning during day 5. I am going through my healing and manifestation on a different level. Thank you." ☀️
Lee - Ann
"Drinking the cacao and then meditate in silence has been a beautiful experience for me. It calms me down and helps me to reset and awaken to new opportunities. It brought me more focus, so when I finished my meditation I went on to doing my tasks with more joy and positive energy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and showing me the way to my heart through the cacao!" â¤
- Kasia Chodko

“I LOVE my morning cacao ritual! It has literally changed my life. I used to struggle with making time for a morning ritual- I could find every excuse.  Now, often, inspiration or guidance will come to me.” 🪴
- Lisa

On this 5-Day Journey, you'll learn how to:

  • create sacred space for yourself every morning, even if just for a few minutes
  • connect to a Cosmic Consciousness, speak to it and ask for guidance 
  • Set daily intentions for clarity and focus
  • bring your body into alignment to help elevate your vibration
  • tune into signs and messages from Spirit
  • open the door to limitless possibilities

 What's so special about Ceremonial Cacao?


  • Cacao is a superfood for your health, wellness, and Consciousness.
  • Cacao has been honored Ceremonially through Indigenous communities for thousands of years to connect to your heart.
  • Cacao is enriched with high quantities of minerals including Copper, Selenium, and Magnesium, a nutrient for increased energy that helps with digestion and calms nerves.
  • Helps us to be stimulated and work with laser-sharp clarity and focus.
  • Generates endorphins in the body and is an elixir for the heart, promoting heart health and heart coherence.
  • Cacao will hold you in a constant field of love, cosmic intelligence, grace, healing and softening the heart.

We're living in a time of great change as the old systems break down and crumble.
What a gift that we have this wonderful, heart-opening Cacao medicine, to journey every day to meet the Cacao Spirit and experience massive radical shifts in Consciousness.

Be Prepared for this 5 Day FREE Challenge:

  • Before you decide when to begin your 5-day challenge, make sure you have some Ceremonial Cacao. You will need at least 200-300g of Ceremonial Cacao for the 5 days. Judy will guide you each day, through a daily video, to drink and connect to this powerful Spirit & Consciousness. 
  • After registering here, you will be guided with a video, to make your Ceremonial Cacao. 
  • If you need to purchase some, no worries, there will be a link to purchase.
  • If you're not used to sugarless food and drinks, then you may wish to add a natural, organic sugar to your Cacao: coconut sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup, etc 

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of Consciousness into our awareness"

Lao Tzu

How to take part in this FREE 5 Day Challenge?

  • Accept the challenge by typing your name and best email on our form below.
  • Check your promotions folder in your inbox in case our emails get stuck there.
  •  Have some Ceremonial Cacao with you each day of the 5 day challenge (if you need to order some, no worries, we will be sending you some options.) 
  • Commit to giving up coffee during this 5 day challenge and surrender to this inner journey with the Sacred Cacao Plant Medicine 
  • Wait for next steps from us on an email (check your SPAM folder if you don't see it in your inbox).

Here are some common questions you might have:

Experience a profound, sacred relationship to an ancestral medicine that was once only available to few Shamans and Conscious teachers

Register here to receive our self-guided Breakup with Coffee & Awaken with Cacao 5 Day Challenge! 

If you don't have Ceremonial Cacao at home and need to purchase some for this 5 Day Challenge, no worries! You will receive an email right after registration with options.