Are you on a deep spiritual journey, hearing the Calling of the Cacao

to share this heart-opening medicine with your community?


Did you know that, for thousands of years, the cosmic sacred Master Plant Medicines were calling mostly on Shamans and Conscious Teachers, who were in a higher resonancce and frequency, ready to respect the sacred teachings from the Spirits. 

There is an ancient, sacred process to experience when called by the Cacao Spirit, BEFORE hosting your own personal ceremonies and it begins with you taking a sacred multiple-day, intentional journey with the Spirit.  

Are You Ready To Answer That Call? 


Next training begins March 20, 2024

Introducing the Goddess Temple: Cacao Ceremonialist Training & Apprenticeship

Advanced Ceremonialist guidance & training into a deeply devotional relationship and initiation with the beloved Master Teacher Plant: Cacao. 

An immersion program designed to guide you to connect deeply with the Cacao Spirit for direct and personalized transmissions and guidance and sharing of sacred and devotional rituals and practices in the art of healing ceremonies and being of sacred service to others with the Cacao Plant Spirit.    

LIVE, online trainings

You can be anywhere in the world since we will be meeting, training and hosting our ceremonies on ZOOM. Over 20 LIVE calls for guidance, training and mentorship with Judy Machado. Join Judy in person for the opening & closing ceremony if you live in the city she will be in.

+30 lessons/topics 

The Facilitator's Training will include 4 modules and +30 lessons and individual topics in which we will "dive deep" into each, live on zoom. You will have ongoing access to this content. 

55 hrs live +18 hours of initial intensive

Although you will receive 2 separate digital offerings with videos and content, this entire process is LIVE and online with Judy, with over 20 calls, for guidance, training and mentorship to ensure maximum integration. 

1 yr training with 8-wk intensive

First, you will experience the sacred 16-Day Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive journey.  This is a  form of "Dieta" journey, however, different in many ways. Followed by the 5-week intensive live training. You will be invited to join future live trainings. 

Holding transformational space is the culmination of lots of training as well as a deep connection with the medicine being served and the tradition from which it originates.

The Plant Medicine sector is one of the fastest-growing professional sectors in the world. As a growing field in therapy and personal transformation, the opportunities for highly-skilled, experienced facilitators are endless. 

There is a beautiful emergence and popularity of Cacao Ceremonies as well, as humanity awakens more and more.

What a sacred opportunity and gift for you to share with your community in an authentic, conscious, respectful, and embodied manner. 

There is great honor and responsibility in sharing these ancestral, sacred Plant Medicines with others in Ceremony. 

Are you ready to be guided & mentored into authentic, sacred Ceremony Facilitation?


In the first 7 weeks, you will be…

  • on a deeply profound and sacred journey with the Cacao Spirit, speaking to her, making her one of your beloveds and receiving messages and guidance from her
  • educated on the ancient rituals, space holding and each step of the sacred ceremony process, and beyond
  • learn how to tailor Cacao Ceremonies to your specific gifts
  • discover the core skills of creating transformational space in-person and online
  • excited and confident to begin hosting Cacao Ceremonies with integrity & confidence 
  • step into the sacred role of the Cacao Ceremonialist

What's Included In The Goddess Temple Cacao

Facilitator's Training Method...

STEP 1  - The Cacao Consciousness Deep Dive

 A 16-day guided journey and initiation to develop a deep, profound sacred, and reverent connection and union with the Cacao Consciousness to become significantly evolved at this time in your spiritual evolution.
  • 3 phases as described below
  • Some food and social conditions to be acknowledged 
  • Open and Closing Ceremony online (or in-person at no extra cost, if you are in the same city as Judy, at the time). 
Learn more about the Deep Dive

Introspection Phase

You will begin your special diet and spend the first 3 days preparing for the DEEP DIVE with little social interactions/social media (however still going to work or going through your normal day-to-day life, as usual). This phase is for introspective and preparing you to stay WITHIN during the Deep Dive 

Deep Dive Phase  

The Deep Dive period will begin and end with a sacred DEEP DIVE CACAO CEREMONY with Judy. You will spend 8 days during the DEEP DIVE drinking a specific amount of CEREMONIAL CACAO twice daily, to connect deeply to the Consciousness. During this time, you will experience profound insights into your life and your conditioned beliefs. Judy will guide you daily to share all ideas, thoughts and changes with the Cacao Consciousness rather than with others. This deep 8-day journey will ignite a profound shift in your intuition and connection to Infinite Source Consciousness.

Integration Phase  

You will spend the last 5 post Deep Dive days experiencing more insights as the Cacao Consciousness continues to work with you. You will also have a private Biko Method session with Konstantine Bisbikos from The Biko Institute to aid you in releasing your Emotional Footprints in a powerful way.  


STEP 2 - Cacao Facilitator's Training (4 wks + free access to future 12-month training)

This magnificently content-rich,  intensive training is bursting with specific individual topics, content, and materials to support you in gaining clarity, experience, and confidence in your new reality as a Cacao Ceremonialist
  • Online digital platform with 4 modules and over +30 live lessons  
  • All content is reviewed LIVE, online through Zoom to ensure your full integration
  • 4 separate training calls, 3 hours each

Facilitator's Training Module #1

Everything about Cacao & Plant Medicines: origin, history, benefits of mind, body and soul, Plant Medicines, teachings, principles and spiritual significance, types of Cacao, drinking vs communing with Cacao, rendering all things sacred.


Facilitator's Training Module #2

Everything about the sacred ceremony:  values, rituals, protecting the space, opening, closing, ircaros, sound and music, instruments, how to make and serve the sacred medicine, assisting guests in pre and post ceremony, structure ideas, trauma-informed, etc etc etc

Facilitator's Training Module #3

This entire module is dedicated to the next steps to serving humanity with your sacred Cacao Ceremonies. Receiving your initiation, in-person vs online ceremonies, collaborations, personal branding, marketing, payments, money mind and heart-set, affiliates, etc etc etc

Facilitator's Training Module #4

In this entire module, we will be discussing your ideas to implement specific medicines, tools into your ceremonies, personalized branding ideas and so much more. Judy will share her expertise for each individual in the group, to support you in personalizing your branding and offerings. 


Host or co-host a Cacao Ceremony with Judy

Begin to embody the teachings, wisdom and your personal style.
This hands-on practice in facilitating circles will support your confidence and readiness to begin sharing and hosting with your community and beyond.

Judy also plans an online ceremony every other month, where you will be invited to co-host with herself and other graduates. 

Judy will record a youtube interview with you and share your initiation with her community through her nurturing emails and social media. 

This Facilitator's Training Is For You If...

  • Mama Cacao is calling to you & it's getting louder and clearer
  • You're resourced and ready to have intensive mentorship so you can host sacred ceremonies with integrity, with your community
  • You want to expand your knowledge & existing Cacao Ceremony training
  • You're ready to "remember and re-learn" the ancient rituals and teachings from the Cacao
  • You wish to be of service to something larger than any of us (the collective shift back to love)
A magnificent opportunity to train, personally, with Goddess Temple Cacao's Founder:

Judy Machado

Author, Cacao Ceremonialist & Facilitator Trainer, Judy spent a year and a half as a partner of a bean-to-bar chocolate company. It was then that she became infatuated with the spiritual history and significance of Cacao and whole heartily connected to the spirit of this heart-opening, concisoness-raising Master Plant Medicine. 

Immediately upon receiving the calling from the Cacao, she began to deepen her connection with the plant, drinking and speaking to her daily, and working intimately with a Shipibo-Canibo-trained Shaman, in ceremony, in Shamanic Dietas, as an assistant to her ceremonies, then co-hosting Shamanic Cacao ceremonies, before hosting on her own. 

Judy began to experience a profound and sacred relationship with the Cacao higher consciousness, receiving messages to share with the world. 

Cacao has exponentially accelerated her spiritual journey and she now supports others who are hearing the calling from the Cacao, to first Dive Deep with the Cacao Teacher Plant, then facilitate in ceremony to others. 

Judy bursts with passion and gratitude to support you on this sacred and magnificent journey back into your heart, into your cosmic remembering and into your new reality as a Cacao Ceremonialist. 

When was Judy initiated to host sacred Cacao Ceremonies for others? 

In her first year connecting every day to the Cacao, drinking in personal ceremony, speaking to the Cacao Spirit, she would often ask Cacao "Is it time now for me to begin hosting Cacao Ceremonies with my community?". She kept hearing from the Cacao "no, not yet. I want to journey with you even deeper. For now, host circles and blessings, and the Cacao Tea (not the Cacao Paste). 

Only after approx a year, did Judy receive this initiation from the Cacao:  "Yes, go and share now my medicine with others, through Sacred Ceremony & Ritual".  

Each person has a different journey with her. No one can tell you when you are ready to begin hosting. Only the Cacao can tell you this. She wants you to journey profoundly with her, to become one with her, and then she will initiate you. This is the intention of the Goddess Temple Cacao Facilitator's Training: Judy guiding you into this sacred, deeply devotional journey, relationship and passage directly WITH the Cacao Spirit.  

Here is what people are saying about this advanced training: 

Listen on Beyond The Surface Podcast to one of our graduates share her experience



"Judy has overcome her personal limitations to be very aware, neutral, and joyful even in the most challenging of circumstances.

She exhibits that in her essence and being when she communicates with you, sometimes with her presence, without words. She is an inspirational business and spiritual woman and demonstrates that you can live your dreams in all areas of your life." 

- Cheryl

"Judy provides a roadmap and an anchor into the field of 5D consciousness. Her embodied presence, the sacred space (inside and out) she has cultivated and invites others into, and her loving guidance - have all helped me to return, again and again, to my own higher consciousness, loving presence, and inner wisdom. She’s a role model of how our choices, habits, thoughts, rituals, and actions create our experience in the way she lives and breathes this path. She offers inspiration, knowledge and practical tools for creating an inner world of peace, positivity, and unconditional acceptance that begins to manifest in a new external reality."

- Marci 

"Judy is exceptionally gifted.

The entire offering was moving and unbelievable.

I was and continue to process the higher consciousness teachings that Judy shares."

- Helen

Get ready for a gift, that keeps on giving:

See just how unique and spectacular this offering is:

  • Judy has spent 4 years connecting daily to the sacred Cacao Spirit and Consciousness daily while working intimately with 2 beautiful Shamans
  • Judy's intention is to become a Midwife to your communion with the Cacao Spirit and sharing all of the teachings and wisdom that the Cacao has already shared with her
  • You will receive Judy's expertise also in personal branding and marketing, to support your launch into the world
  • You will be granted live access (over and over again) WITHIN 12 MONTHS, the online Facilitator's Group Training portion of this offering so that you can fully integrate these ancient teachings.  This alone has a value of $3,554 !!!!

Join us for the next Cacao Facilitator's Training:










Starts March 20, 2024

(initial 8-wk intensive) followed by unlimited repeat live classes over the next 12 months

Deep Dive Opening Ceremony on March 23

Deep Dive Closing Ceremony March 30

All other dates will be confirmed based on group time zones & availability 



Goddess Temple Cacao Facilitator's Group Training

Sacred Exchange: 

While deep medicine connections and rememberings “belong” to all of us, they are not free: They’re priceless treasures and this particular evolutionary training provides an accumulation of over 22+ years of Judy's personal evolution, training, and experience.

Thank you for your heartfelt contribution. I am in deep gratitude and invite you into this beautiful, transformative Goddess Temple Cacao Sacred Ceremonialist Training.

Payment Plan

$488 USD/month

4 monthly payments

Regular Price $874/month

Other monthly payment available: $355/6 months

Canadian payment options are available

Contact Judy as per below instructions

Pay In Full

$1,777 USD

Save 40%

Regular Price $2,997

Monthly payment plans are available as well

Canadian payment options are available

Contact Judy as per below instructions
If you would like to take this training yet the cost is prohibitive, please email [email protected] to inquire about receiving a semi sponsorship. Likewise, if you would like to gift a spot for low-income participants, please email us for details!



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