Goddess Temple Cacao 

- Judy Machado -

Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao


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What is Ceremonial Cacao?

A powerful superfood and Sovereign Master Plant Medicine for Ceremony and ritual  

Did you know that the world's favorite food,


is made from Cacao which is a Master Teacher Plant Medicine? 

Cacao has been used ceremonially through Indigenous communities for thousands of years & it's now coming out of the jungle faster than ever before as a Sacred morning ritual, to open up our hearts & raise our Consciousness.

Meet Judy:

Author, Entrepreneur, Coach & business owner, Judy recently spent a year and half as Partner of a bean to bar chocolate company. She became infatuated with the spiritual history and significance of Cacao and whole heartily connected to the Spirit of this heart opening, Consciousness-raising plant medicine. Over the years, she deepened her connection with the plant and began to experience a profound relationship with the Cacao higher Consciousness, receiving messages to share with the world. 
Cacao has exponentially accelerated her spiritual journey and she now shares this Sacred Cacao with others to experience though daily rituals, Ceremonies, Cacao Consciousness 16 Day Deep Dive Journeys, and Cacao + Wellness Retreats in Peru & the Azores. 
She includes Cacao rituals in all her initiatives with her line of Ceremonial Cacao called Goddess Temple Cacao. Judy’s purpose is to support others in raising their Consciousness, which includes sharing how to experience daily rituals of this powerful Sacred Cacao Master Plant Medicine.
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What Judy can share on your Podcast:


 What is the difference between Cacao, cocoa + chocolate?

What is a Plant Medicine & how exactly is Cacao a Master Teacher Plant Medicine?

✓ What can you expect to happen when you drink  Ceremonial Cacao?

✓ How exactly does Cacao have Consciousness? And how can Cacao expand your Consciousness?

How does Cacao support your physical, spiritual and mental health?

✓ How does Cacao support your Spiritual evolution?

How does Cacao help you to connect directly to Source/God/Universe?

✓ How can you begin your personal daily Ceremonial Cacao ritual to expand into higher Consciousness every day? 

Judy is being guided by the Cacao Consciousness to share how to create a Sacred Cacao morning ritual, to open up our hearts, release our old stories and paradigms,

and remember our Divinity, during this time of significant global change.


Here below are some past Podcast interviews so you can preview Judy's content and passion: 

Goddess Temple Cacao 

- Judy Machado -

Author of Life Purpose Playbook & Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao


Journey of the Modern Soul Podcast Interview

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Live on Purpose Podcast Interview

Episode where Judy was a guest on the Live-With-Purpose Podcast

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Preview of Judy speaking about Ceremonial Cacao

This video is an introduction to Sacred Cacao and an explanation about What-To-Expect-When-You-Drink-Ceremonial-Cacao

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"By the end of my Ceremonial Cacao mediation, I was experiencing an overwhelming feeling of love... for myself and for others. I felt surrounded by white light at times and orange at times. It was incredible!. "



"It is a heart-opening medicine
I've been trying to put into words all the amazing things Cacao and the morning ritual has brought to my life. The thing is, there aren't any words. So the best I can do is list the things I've become more aware of each morning as I sit and thank the universe, goddess Isis, and the Cacao for being a part of my guide team and journey. I can feel my heart opening up more and more every day. Seriously, it's real. Some days I'm bursting with so much love and joy that I cry!"

Lisa Kelly

"I drink Ceremonial Cacao every morning as part of my morning ritual. I just can't go without it. I look forward to it every morning and it helps me to have energy and bring clarity to my day.""I drink Ceremonial Cacao every morning as part of my morning ritual. I just can't go without it. I look forward to it every morning and it helps me to have energy and bring clarity to my day."



"The Ceremonial Cacao morning ritual is one of the best, most profound experiences of my entire life! The Cacao is such a Sacred Higher Consciousness. It completely opened up my chakras, especially my heart! I feel pure unconditional love!! I am SOOOOO GRATEFUL!! I'm doing the healing work, learning to love myself and be the best version of myself, one day at a time, one layer at a time. Words cannot even describe how I feel about this incredible experience of connecting to the Cacao Consciousness."

Protect The Amazon

ARC was founded by a Canadian travelling to Peru and personally witnessing the devastation and destruction in the Rainforest. She returned to Canada with an overwhelming sense of responsibility to take action. ARC has captured Judy's heart at Goddess Temple Cacao as a way to give back and SUPPORT the Rainforest, the lungs of our planet. We donate a percentage of all Cremonial Cacao sales to this beautiful non-profit.

Visit ARC website