Honouring Mary Magdalene Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Honouring Mary Magdalene - Sacred Cacao Ceremony


Register for Sat, December 9, 10:30am-2 PM EST in person in Toronto! Next online Ceremony TBC

This is not a religious Ceremony. It is a celebration and honouring of Mary Magdalene, her story, her buried & recovered Gospel and the calling within you to remember and VOICE your own Truth

Everyone is welcome, from all beliefs and traditions. Anyone who is on a journey of expanding their awareness will experience nurturing and loving resonance

Did you know there is a gospel as ancient + authentic as any of the Gospels that the Christian bible contains, that was buried due to an order to have all copies destroyed? Fortunately some rebel monks hid the copies and now...

...we have access to the only gospel that was written in the name of a woman: The Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

"All nature, all formations, all creatures exist in and with one another...

...and they will be resolved again into their roots." - The Gospel of Mary

Join us in this Sacred Ceremony and experience profound guided meditations and readings from Mary Magdalene's recovered Gospel...

......experience the radical love that Mary Magdalene taught, igniting in you a remembering of your Sacred purpose and mission in this lifetime: to love radically and hold space for humanity

"Finding Mary Magdalene's voice meant...

recovering my own voice. In hearing her words, you will hear the voice of your own soul". Meggan Watterson

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Who is Mary Magdalene?

✓ Mary was a woman that lived on Earth during the first century AD

✓ She was a witness to Jesus' ministry on Earth and so much more....

✓ Mary's gospel is the only gospel written in the name of a woman. Her scriptures' key message is to "go within", or to turn inward whenever we feel lost, anxious, confused, and even during times when we feel comfortable and happy.

✓ This simply means to meditate, in the way her gospel directs us, so that we can see past the ego of our own lives to what's more real, lasting, and infinite, and already here. We are all here with purpose & are infinitely connected through our spirit.

✓ We hold power within our own being. Self-love is the key to true happiness because this allows us to spread love to others and we attract love into our lives. 

Honouring Your Self as you awaken to your Truth

Ceremonial Cacao Plant Medicine, will connect you to this Sacred plant Consciousness. Experience expansive heart opening as we honour the Mary Magdalene calling within you

This Sacred Ceremony will be IN-PERSON. There will be a beautifully decorated space, filled with candles and cushions that will bring joy and keep you cozy and comfortable. After registration, we will send to you an email to support you in preparing for this Sacred Ceremony There are 6 spots available to join us in person in Toronto

"We are not to feel ashamed or unworthy for being human. In fact, our purpose is to be fully human, to be a “true human being..”

..A person who has remembered that, yes, we are a messy, limited ego.. but we are also a limitless soul." - Meggan Watterson.

More on Mary's Gospel

Why hasn't this gained more global attention?

✓ Mary’s scriptures were purposely left out of the bible by the early Catholic Church, repressing the powerful feminine energy held in her writing and the powerful perspective of a woman's spirituality.

✓ In fact, during the 4th century, an edict was sent out to have all copies of her scriptures destroyed.

✓ Pope Gregory in the 6th Century proclaimed her "sinfulness" during his Homily 33 

✓ Mary's scriptures were buried in Egypt for over a thousand years but were discovered in 1896. With the first print edition published in 1955.

✓ she taught that salvation is an inward act of personal transformation

✓ Now, we can read and interpret this powerful message that was hidden for so long. Many of us have likely felt this within ourselves: the ability to gain peace by going within and meditating regularly. Mary's scriptures confirm this feeling as true path to divinity and understanding of our nature as human beings.

This Ceremony is available online

This Ceremony is also available in-person


It's time to EXPERIENCE the Medicinal, Healing and Awakening Master Plant Medicine called CACAO. Cacao will help us to open our heart and guide our mind during this Sacred Honouring of Mary Magdalene & your Self.

  • Cacao is the main ingredient to make CHOCOLATE (the world's favorite food). Ceremonial Cacao is RAW and unprocessed and considered a TEACHING PLANT and a SACRED MASTER PLANT MEDICINE.
  • Cacao has been used ceremonially through Indigenous communities for thousands of years to connect to your heart
  • The ceremonial drinking of Cacao is a powerful Meditation of Love, which strengthens and awakens us to a deeper relationship with our inner Self, with others, with the planet and with All That Is.
  • When pure cacao is combined with your spiritual practice, you can expect accelerated Inner Awakening and creative guidance. 

What to expect during this beautiful Sacred Ceremony:

✓ you will sit in your  beautifully decorated space, filled with candles, flowers, crystals and cushions, or whatever else brings you joy and comfort

✓ You will experience the power of connecting to Ceremonial Cacao as a devotional practice. A practice that can help you release all your worries and fears to the Divine, enhancing spiritual awareness and providing a safe space in difficult times

✓ experience the warm feminine energies of the powerful Cacao Master Plant Medicine, to awaken your SELF into PRESENCE, COMPASSION and LOVE

✓ you will be lead verse by verse through some of Mary's Gospel to illuminate the powerful teachings she shared  

✓ in this Ceremony, you will hear some of Meggan Watterson's version of a homily/sermon (she calls them love letters).     

✓ you'll be guided to go within to discover your thoughts and question beliefs that hold, or have held you back for a long time

✓ express yourself through journaling and guided song (have an instrument with you if you wish)

✓ experience a deep connection to your inner being, the source of both masculine and feminine energies. 

"I learnt so much about cacao that I couldn't even imagine the healing properties that it has and how it opens our heart to release any trauma and pain. "


"Wow, sitting in another Ceremony with Judy was such a magical experience. Learning the power of Cacao and taking time to honour and heal myself was exactly what I needed. My soul felt so at ease as Judy and Giovanna guided us with their knowledge and love. Thank you for creating space for me to open my heart, bring peace to my womb and remind me of the divine being that I am."


"I don't meditate often but I know and feel that I need to especially after experiencing another one of Judy's Cacao Ceremonies. I did a lot of crying and I felt so many different emotions come up for me, as Judy mentioned is expected from drinking and connecting to the Cacao. I could feel that most, if not all of my chakras are blocked. You all brought joy into my heart and made me smile. I loved learning about the cacao and I realized that I'm mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically depleted. I'm looking forward to more healing in my life now. "


"I am so grateful for another one of Judy's Cacao Ceremonies. It was deep and powerful. I felt looked after and taken care of. I have worked tons on myself yet, I found another important piece in me to just accept where I came from without making it mean anything."


"I absolutely loved the SACRED WOMB HEALING + CACAO CEREMONY. It was so nice to have the heart opening cacao ceremony paired with the womb healing. Both Judy and Giovanna hold the space for all participants' well-being with such care. You can tell they are passionate about what they do and that the event is a sacred one. Doing it on a the eclipse and solstice made it feel even more special to me. I left feeling centred, grateful, at peace with lots of joy sprinkled all over me. I recommend any woman do this for herself — and often! It’s a beautiful and rich gift to give to ourselves.’ "

Lisa Kelly
Mentor in the Art of Living Your Dreams

"I loved the ceremony and, in particular, the feeling of love that enveloped it. The flow from one peaceful, joyful, soulful activity to the next was just right. And the Cacao was delicious on many levels. It was a beautiful way to spend the evening and I look forward to joining another time. "


May all who seek Sacred Feminine Spirituality draw close to Mary Magdalene

Imagine a world that never excluded Mary's story & teachings of unconditional love:

Many are now answering the call to go within and remember and awaken our wisdom and Truth that the world was not ready for up until now....as the collective Consciousness expands magnificently

Meet Your Sacred Ceremony Guide:

After spending most of her adult life as an Entrepreneur, Judy recently spent a year and half as Partner of a bean to bar chocolate company. She became infatuated with the spiritual history and significance of Cacao and whole heartily connected to the Spirit of this heart opening, Consciousness-raising plant medicine. Over the years, she deepened her connection with the plant and began to experience a profound relationship with the Cacao higher Consciousness, receiving messages to share with the world. Cacao has exponentially accelerated her spiritual journey and she now shares this Sacred Cacao with others to experience though daily rituals, Ceremonies, Cacao Consciousness 16 Day Deep Dive Journeys, and Cacao + Wellness Retreats in Peru & the Azores. She includes cacao rituals in all her initiatives with her line of Ceremonial Cacao called Goddess Temple Cacao. Judy’s purpose is to support others in raising their Consciousness, which includes showing others how to experience daily rituals of this powerful Sacred Cacao Master Plant Medicine. She recently returned from travelling the world (during Covid), sharing with others the parallel Universe that can be created when we focus on Love. Judy Machado is an Author, Entrepreneur, Coach & business owner

Whether you attend online or in-person, you will experience a sacred altar

What you will receive...

Includes all 5 Offerings:

  1. 2 hour Sacred Ceremony including drumming, guided meditations and readings from Mary Magdalene's Gospel.

  2. The Goddess Temple Cacao's Honouring Mary Magdalene Ceremony Playlist

  3. A recorded Mini Cacao Ceremony for you to begin your own daily Cacao Ritual and Ceremony  

  4. An invitation and 20% discount to the next Goddess Temple Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

  5. A personalized aura and chakra frequency scan (after the Ceremony)



We have designed this Ceremony to include all these additional offerings to support you in integrating your expansion and devotion after the Ceremony

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