Introducing this glorious,

cosmic sonic journey

into an elevated state

of Love and remembering


Meet the Creators

This sonic audio journey was created through synchronistic collaboration between Craig Young (Artist and Composer) and Judy Machado (Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao):

Judy Machado

Author, Coach & business owner, Judy became infatuated with the spiritual significance of Cacao and whole heartily connected to this heart opening, Consciousness-raising Plant Medicine. Over the years, she deepened her connection with the plant, experience a profound relationship with the Cacao Consciousness, receiving messages to share with the world. 

Cacao has exponentially accelerated her spiritual journey and she now shares this Sacred Cacao with others  through Ceremonies, 16 Day Deep Dive Journeys, Coaching and Wellness Retreats in Peru & the Azores. 

She includes Cacao rituals in all her initiatives with her line of Ceremonial Cacao called Goddess Temple Cacao. 

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Craig Young

Craig Young is an internationally acclaimed composer specialising in compositions that inspire and guide the listener to elevated levels of consciousness. 
His powerful soundtracks have been featured in a wide range of projects and genres that include guided meditations, healing and breathwork practises and promotional trailers. His compositions have been featured in the work of impactful creators and organisations all around the world. Including garnering initial acclaim from healing and breathwork sessions led by Dr. Joe Dispenza at events and workshops all around the world. 
His music is also available on all major streaming platforms including, Itunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

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Craig Young's music compositions have been featured in the work of impactful creators and organisations all around the world including healing and breathwork sessions led by Dr. Joe Dispenza at events and workshops all around the world. 

Metamorphosis is the passing of who you became to please others, and the angelic unearthing of who you truly are, your Divine essence


Something deep within you is changing right now. A part of you is withering, passing and vanishing from your being.

And something new is being born from within you.

The veil is dissolving and what lies before you is unimaginable beauty. 

We grow….. through change and transformation, and so we welcome all that is falling, and all that is rising.

That's when we can experience the metamorphosis, the release of an old belief and story, and begin to experience a NEW REALITY!  

In the miracle fo metamorphosis, a new version of you is being born, a new version beyond your wildest dreams. 

What is this Metamorphosis Guided Cacao Journey To Self? 



Two beautiful Souls have combined their "heart opening medicines of Cacao & music" to create a majestic piece of Soul food for humanity! 

The result is a 36 minute Cacao Ceremony and exquisite guided journey, recorded to one of Craig's magnificent and world renowned soundtracks, called Metamorphosis.

The soundtrack includes high frequency words and phrases: guiding your journey through personal metamorphosis.

The result is a supreme guided journey to be experienced over and over again for radical Spiritual growth. 

We have designed this Offering to include additional bonuses to support you in continuing your expansion journey through Consciousness (see these listed below).


A Soundtrack & Guided Journey For Transformation

Metamorphosis is a compilation of transformational soundtracks for breathwork, meditation, visualization or simply to enjoy as soundscapes that take you beyond the distractions of this world. Each piece was composed with specific instruments, tempos and rhythms that take you beyond your thinking mind into your internal world, where you will experience states of trance, receptivity, and connection with your true source of power. The music is also recorded in 432 Hz which provides a more natural, more resonant listening experience. 

Listen to a sample this incredible 36 min sonic journey....
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What is 432 Hz music?

All songs in this Metamorposis sountrack were composed in the healing frequency: 432 Hz. The “Natural Frequency of the Universe”

Designed to facilitate peaceful, connected states, to help you to align with elevated states of Consciousness, to meditate with and even to help facilitate healing. 

"Music Changes Energy And

Energy Changes Everything."



Why Sacred Cacao?

Plant Medicines are Sacred mirrors, reflecting and revealing the areas within us that are seeking to be healed. Cacao is a heart-opening, Consciosuenss expanding medicine for our awakening.

With our hearts wide open, we can compassionately experience other perspectives around our beliefs, our triggers, our paradigms, and our stories.

The Cacao Spirit and Consciousness sprinkles those other perspectives INTO OUR AWARENESS.

When we can acknowledge those other higher frequency perspectives, with an open heart, we are able to see that there are many truths in our world of duality and that our beliefs and stories are limiting us from raising our Consciousness and expressing the Love that we are, fully.

That's when we can experience the metamorphosis, the release of that belief and story, and begin to experience a NEW REALITY!

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Do you have to have Ceremonial Cacao when listening to this expansive sonic journey? 


You can journey with this powerful guided Ceremony without Sacred Cacao, if you don't have any with you.  

With this 36 minute Metamorphosis Guided Journey,

you’ll also receive all these 6 GIFTS:


We have designed this offering

to include these additional gifts

to support you in continuing your expansion journey through Consciousness


Here are the 6 additional gifts:


Gift #1

6 min Introduction Recording

This introduction recording was created to support you in maximizing the 36 minute journey. It will guide you on how you can prepare for the journey, what to expect and how to maximize it.

Gift #2

Mini Meditation: Invocation of the Cosmic Mother

This is perfect for when you have just a few minutes to journey into your heart and into the Cosmos.

Gift #3

Metamorphosis Journey JOURNAL PAGES

3 beautiful pages with powerful journal prompts to journey deeper and for expressing what's inside your heart.


Gift #4

Morning Cacao Ritual Guide

 This guide will support you to begin your daily Sacred Cacao Ceremony and ritual.

Gift #5

Half off Metamorphosis 


Pay only $5 for the entire Metamorphosis Soundtrack (all 11 tracks) 

Gift #6

Coloring Meditation Series

Consider coloring these magical pages while listening to the guided journey.




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