The Money-Loves-You

Sacred Tea Ceremony

This monthly, online and live sacred occasion is for you if you're on a spiritual journey, ready to soften your heart and align with the magnetic loving energy of money!

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

11 - 12:30 am EST

Money wants you to love her back.

Are you ready?

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The audio recording previewed in this video is an example of one of the beautiful suggestions and gifts that Judy shares with her community ongoing! Join us for this Ceremony as Judy plays the full recording and also directs you, ongoing to other specific Conscious Teachers to immerse yourself in this glorious world of money as a Divine energy of Love. 

Next Ceremony is Tue, October 10 (see below)

Why are some people wealthy

and not others?

🌺 Is your energy around money always in a state of worry?

🌺 Are you always thinking of future payments, bills, and expenses and feeling overwhelmed that there never seems to be enough? 

Are you ready to develop a sacred relationship with the beautiful energy of money?

What if money was a divine archetype that has been misunderstood and misused, creating so much unnecessary suffering? 

Money is an energy of love and you can communicate with this beautiful energy of money. In fact, she wants nothing more than to make you happy, and to serve you. 

Open up your awareness to this beautiful and misunderstood energy and discover the joy of working consciously with her, to achieve your dreams.

When we release ourselves from our old understanding of money and embrace a relationship with it based on the principles of love, abundance, generosity and nature, we are free to be ourselves. 

Creating a monthly sacred space, connection and ritual with the loving energy of money is exactly how you can begin to nurture and evolve your relationship with her.

Join us in this sacred online space to:

nurture your relationship with money


Judy creates the space for a monthly, sacred and deeply nurturing ritual to take place

  • Connect deeply with the loving energy of money
  • Create declarations and prophecies to share with the beautiful energy of money
  • Re-pattern misunderstood, loving principles through rituals 

It's time to unravel and reprogram deep-rooted beliefs around your worth so that the loving energy of money can locate you.  

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before, to remember your worth, and connect deeply to money.

Here is how we'll spend our sacred time together during this Money Loves You Sacred Tea Ceremony:


You'll get clarity of where you're at so we can begin to appreciate & measure: whatever we measure, grows. Whatever we appreciate, appreciate. You will be provided with an excel spreadsheet to begin tracking your money.


You will be guided through some absolutely magical and soul-speaking rituals as Judy opens and closes the ceremony with sacred practices and deep connection to our guides above. 


You will be guided through a process to get crystal clear of your desires so that the energy of money and deliver to you without question. We will also activate your tea or water before drinking it. 


Judy has created rituals that have become sacred to her since she was a little girl. We can change anything in our life, if we change our daily habits and rituals. You will experience some of the most impactful rituals to create accelerated transformation. 


Not only will Judy be sharing all of the extraordinary experts she follows & learns from (it's not who you think!), we will all together share our updates each month, and celebrate, to experience the Universal Law of what we appreciate, appreciates. 


Judy shares her vision of us all benefiting from a powerful movement in supporting one another through affiliate relationships,  collaborations, and profit sharing including 50% commission to you (Judy will share & pay you!) when your friend or community joins us as well! 

A sacred tea ceremony dedicated to supporting you in unraveling deep-rooted money blocks through new expanded perceptions and sacred rituals

So you can experience:  


  • guided transformational sacred rituals to activate the loving energy of money within you 
  • a shift AWAY from your current understanding of money that is producing guilt, shame, and judgment
  • a knowing in your bones, that the energy of money is an energy of LOVE and only wants to serve you
  • clarity of your personal gifts and soul's purpose, for greater alignment, so that you can be fulfilled and in joy, to attract wealth
  • crystal clear clarity of your desires so the energy of money knows EXACTLY what to deliver to you
  • deeper surrender to the Universal Laws that govern the loving energy of money 
  • relating to money in a relaxed, joyful and loving way
  • a deep, sacred and loving relationship with the energy of money
  • manifest miracles each and every day, with more flowing to you with less effort
  • more harmonious, loving, life-giving relationships
  • playing your unique role in the healing and awakening of humanity
  • and so much more! 

This Sacred Money-Loves You Ceremony will take place on Sunday, August 20, from 4-5:30 PM EST.

Recordings will be shared after the Ceremony. 


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Join us Tue, October 10 for our Online Money Loves You Ceremony

Here's beautiful feedback from some who have attended this sacred ceremony:

🌺 "I can barely find the words to share how amazing this ceremony was." Janet
🌺 "The messages came through so powerfully and it was easy to drop in deeply to receive" Miriam
🌺 "The most impactful for me was the guided visualization which included us seeing all of humanity being kind to one another. This helps me to expand my own energy creating bigger change in the world. Welcoming the loving energy of money to better the lives of others, creating ever-expanding love and energy across the universe." Izabela 
🌺 "I began to realize something inside of me was shifting, during the ceremony, feeling more peaceful and energized at the same time. I truly felt a more open relationship to money and that she does indeed love me and wants to come my way. I also know that she wants me to enjoy the full freedom she can give me, as well as to include her directly in my life's vision to bring joy to many others." Susan
"I have signed up for the next Money Loves You Ceremony and I’m already looking forward to it. Thank you so much for bringing your gifts to us." Susan
🌺 "My favorite part was the guided visualization of my entire, health, and wealth…..I have always struggled with visualization but today it just flowed and I felt it all." Nisha


Author of Life Purpose Playbook

Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao 

Ritual & Ceremony Facilitator


I've spent the last 3 years, every morning, in daily ceremony with a sacred ancestral plant and drink called Ceremonial Cacao. I have connected to this Divine energy and have experienced magnificent guidance and wisdom to support me in a place of peace and safety in all moments, regardless of the apparent chaos that is happening in the world.

I have also been holding a sacred ceremony with the Cacao and the loving energy of money, every month, to celebrate and vision-cast for the next month.

That's my MONEY LOVES ME Monthly Sacred Tea Ceremony.

Most recently, I've been integrating some next level of loving money energetics and have come to the conclusion that this ceremony that I host (just for myself, every month) is so valuable for many of you as well.

Did you know that Cacao seeds were once used as a means of currency? Money has transformed over time into different expressions (seeds, gold, dollars, bitcoin, crypto), just like transportation and technology, for example, have transitioned into different expressions (horses, boats, cars, planes, etc).

The Divine, loving energy of money is about to transition again into another massive shift and I can feel it, and I know you can too.

As we all expand in Consciousness, we become more aware of our stories, our beliefs, and start opening up to upgrading ALL OF THEM, we realize that included in this is the conditioning around money.

Prepare for yourself some tea and join me in this sacred ceremony, online, as I share this magical experience of connecting to the loving energy of money to wildly transform your reality. 

Love, Judy 💗

What people are saying about Judy:


Judy provides a roadmap and an anchor into the field of 5D consciousness. Her embodied presence, the sacred space (inside and out) she has cultivated and invites others in to, her loving guidance - have all helped me to return, again and again, to my own higher consciousness, loving presence, and inner wisdom. She’s a role model of how our choices, habits, thoughts, rituals, and actions create our experience in the way she lives and breathes this path. She offers inspiration, knowledge and practical tools for creating an inner world of peace, positivity, and unconditional acceptance that begins to manifest in a new external reality. It’s an honour to have witnessed her own personal journey of awakening, and I’m grateful and excited that she is now sharing all she has discovered with her expert guidance and support for others on their own journey.


Judy truly embodies the transformation she teaches. She helped me gather the confidence and strength and tap DEEP into my soul to create what my soul wants and put it out into the world.  Her energy is contagious and absolutely blissful, it's an energy that allows you to access your own inner Goddess, and once you put it out into the world or your business or anywhere, you can be sure to find abundance and success. 


Judy has supported me in expanding my awareness by making me think outside the box or the status quo of society's do's and don'ts.  I thought a 9-5 job was the only means for making a living and having abundance in life. My transformation is a breakthrough as I come into my own power and set my goals for what I really want and actually write that book and be in the process of working with editors to publish. I have started my coaching business and launched my websites which I had the courage to build myself and actually put myself out there to help people. Judy has overcome her personal limitations to be very joyful even in the most challenging of circumstances. She exhibits that in her smile and positive words when she communicates with you. She is a success in all ways and demonstrates that you can be the creator of your dreams. You never know what you are capable of until you try.  Judy helps you see the truth of that. 

Join our Tue, October 10 Sacred Online Money Loves You Ceremony

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