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The real rEVOLution is the EVOLution of Consciousness 

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Ceremonial Cacao

Judy includes Sacred Ceremonial Cacao, this delicious and powerful Master Plant Medicine, in all of her Sessions

Cacao is the main ingredient to make chocolate, and in it's RAW FORM, it's a powerful Master Plant Medicine (but not a psychoactive). Connecting to the Cacao Consciousness has drastically shifted Judy's very own Consciousness and awareness and she has been called by the Cacao Spirit now to share this with others, to also experience accelerated Spiritual awakening (a fulfilling understanding of why you exist and how you can contribute to humanity's evolution).

Sacred Ceremony

Experience a journey deep into your heart to access your true thoughts, true desires and TRUE SELF


A big part of accessing the messages inside your heart, is to journal and bring forth more of the unspoken 

Book Judy for a private Sacred Ceremony or 90 Day Coaching Package clarifying your purpose, mission, and your vision, and EXPRESSING it out into the world authentically, consciously and successfully!

...and/or in expanding your awareness, releasing your conditioned beliefs, reframing your "suffering" and  drastically changing your reality

Invest in your Self + your INNER EVOLUTION: Private Options Below:

Special pricing right now, for special times, listed below....

90 Day Coaching/Ceremonies

Limited Time: $1,497/mo

Regular $2,497

Regular price $2,497/mo

4 Sessions, 1.5 hours each

These sessions can be online or in person at Judy's Sacred Space downtown Toronto

Ongoing support throughout the week where necessary

Daily texts to Judy (if required, for commitment support, to be discussed in more detail)

3 Months (12 Sessions) Special price $1,497/mo + tax

Payment plans available 

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Single Coaching Call or Private In Person Ceremony

Limited Time: $397

Regular $597

Regular Price $597

2 Hour in person Coaching or personal Ceremony with no other ongoing commitment 

If in person, includes Sacred Ceremonial Cacao drink to expand to higher Consciousness before our Coaching Session

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What else is included in Judy's 90 Day PRIVATE Coaching and/or Ceremonies?

  1. A deep, heart-opening and grounding meditation to begin each of our sessions together
  2. A higher perspective on each and every one of your "issues" to expand awareness into your personal evolution
  3. A Life Purpose Playbook Journal, written and published by Judy Machado (this is included in the 90 Day Program). 
  4. If you choose to have your sessions in person, Judy will prepare the Sacred Ceremonial Cacao for you as part of the Coaching/Ceremony, along with other high vibrational snacks
  5. One bag of Ceremonial Cacao, Ceremonial Paste + Ceremonial Powder included in the 90 Day Program)
  6. Two HYPNOTHERAPY recordings (included in the 90 Day Program)
  7. A 1 hour call with Konstantine Bisbikos, Creator of THE BIKO INSTITUTE, a highly intuitive and Clairvoyant advanced soul who will bring forth your most pressing limiting beliefs and support you to release these to shift your reality (included in the 90 Day Program). Konstantine also has a Sacred relationship with Cacao and Judy attributes part of her accelerated advancement in Consciousness from her working directly with Konstantine. This is why Judy has includes this magnificent bonus in her private Coaching/Ceremony pricing. Regular Price $250 USD

Private Ceremony or Coaching

Your Coaching Session or Personal Ceremony can be either online through ZOOM or in person. Experience deep healing and transformation as you're soaked and nurtured in a private Ceremony

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Judy's speaking engagements

Judy is humbled and honoured to share a profound knowing of the reason for personal conditioned beliefs and how this relates to Consciousness, in order to support you in the release from "suffering" and into a full understanding of EVOLUTION

Life Purpose Playbook

The perfect partner for your transformational Coaching program

The Life Purpose Playbook was published by Judy Machado in 2016. She has been using & enhancing this system in her personal weekly planning for over the last 2 decades. 

The Life Purpose Playbook is an excellent guide to clarity, focus and results. 

It's a personal growth workbook, a planner and a journal, all in one. 

"She's sooo sweet and truly cares about your success and wants only the best for you. She keeps me accountable in the most loving yet firm way. Her success is YOUR success. Thanks Judy!! "


"Judy is natural at fostering the rising feminine spirit within – emotional feelings of love, sensitivity and understanding. "


"Judy’s presentation was very captivating and in fact one of the best presentations for 2016. I would gladly invite Judy to come back to speak at one of the events again.” "

Samantha Pryce
Founder & CEO of Toronto Social Networks

"In working with Judy, I've been able to build a mindset of success & contribution, I've written and published my first book and I've started another business. The baby step approach in her system is what helped to create all of this for me."

Shane Alvares
Investor, Author, Early Childhood Educator

"I have found Judy to be an excellent coach. She is very skilled at re-framing situations. Judy helps me to look at these conditions in a positive, life affirming way. As a result, I am able to stay open and experience the lessons that life is presenting. I can move forward with more confidence, knowing I am on the right track. She is also excellent in suggesting additional resources. Thanks for bringing your talents to the world Judy! "


"Since I started working with Judy, I have found what truly makes me happy in life, my true calling, what I want to spend the rest of my life doing! I used to have so many triggers at work especially, which would last days and weeks with me upset. Now I am more aware and no longer have these rouge emotions and I use professional non-emotional language coupled with love, to communicate back. I also had very little work-life balance, and now that I have my passion and purpose clear and working on a business to share this with others, I prioritize my passion and bring this happiness to all of my life, including work. When Covid hit, It was a wake up call and I want some happiness, finally deciding to pay for a coach. This was the best decision I have ever made, with Judy supporting me in expanding my awareness and raising my Consciousness. I have accomplished so many ENORMOUS things and projects since then, I sometimes don't recognize my life. I am forever grateful to Judy and can't imagine not having her as my Coach. "

Government worker, soon to be publisher

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The first call will be to clarify and establish your LEVEL OF COMMITMENT so that Judy can support you to create the change your burning heart desires


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