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CREATING YOUR PERSONALIZED MINDFUL MORNING RITUAL: Igniting expanded clarity, creativity and wellness.

Audience: Corporate/Association/Non-Profit/Educators

Length: 60 minutes, half day or full day options, Lunch & Learn, 6 Week Program + (Optional) Cacao Tasting Bar


Why is this presentation relevant to your community?:

+ Your daily habits are recreating your daily patterns. In fact, 95% of what we do and say is a repeat of yesterday. If we don't change our habits, we can expect a predictable future based on our familiar past. 

+ All transformation must first come from within. If employees are happy and fulfilled, they create from that space. 

+ Today's fast paced world is ever evolving and demanding. Imagine your employees are motivated and even addicted to a morning personal growth ritual that they perform even before coming into the office each day


In this presentation, Judy will share how to disrupt your habit pattern by starting your mornings with a blissful ritual that you absolutely Love so that you begin to create a bigger purpose & impact from the inside out! 

Author of Life Purpose Playbook and Creator of Goddess Temple Cacao, Judy's published planner/journal has people around the world waking up to their full potential. 

Judy delivers a compelling story and message around what is being called the heart medicine of our time. It’s been right there in front of us all along: chocolate. Learn the truths about this powerful plant medicine and how to enjoy the right kind of Cacao to elevate your life. 

What else to expect from this presentation:

1. Experience a live Cacao Tea Intention Setting Circle, to bring more clarity and attention to what really matters to you at work and in your personal life.

2. Understand the difference between a goal and an intention and how cacao can support you in making this a daily practice

3. Learn which type of chocolates are actually powerfully good for your health and how they can bring to you massive creativity, energy and productivity EVERYDAY.

4. Interactive chocolate tasting experience: taste cacao nibs, chocolates and cacao tea, all made from pure cacao.

5. The 95% Reality Check: Going from living life in disempowering patterns and instead consciously creating your future

6. The Cacao Ritual: A powerful & transformational practice guaranteed to enlighten you into more expanded awareness 

7. A 6 minute morning ritual: Accelerate Your Personal Growth

8. Learn how chocolate has a profound positive effect on anxiety, depression and mental health, and how one can elevate their wellness from a simple morning ritual



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Life Purpose Playbook

Depending on the allotted time for the presentation, and whether there's budget to include copies of Judy's Life Purpose Playbook, interactive exercises can be included in the presentation

The Life Purpose Playbook was published by Judy Machado in 2016. She has been using & enhancing this system in her personal weekly planning playing for over the last 2 decades. 

The Life Purpose Playbook is an excellent guide to clarity, focus and results. 

It's a personal growth workbook, a planner/playbook and a journal, all in one. 

"Judy has a warm and positive engaging approach. The ladies often don’t get time to reflect or think of themselves because they are busy raising a family. The workshop offered the girls a comfortable space to put themselves first; they were intrigued and grateful for Judy’s presentation. We've had Judy come and speak for us over 4 times now! I truthfully feel that her workshops have positively impacted all of our Home Visitors and have given them the right tools to also be ready and support our clients. I can't thank her enough for always being there for our Centre. Today, we had a team meeting and we started our day with two points that we all took away; let's just say we spent 30 minutes talking and sharing! It was amazing!"

Chantel Espinola
Working Women Community Centre, Site Lead

"“Judy’s passion comes through in the delivery of her material and it is contagious! She quickly put our participants at ease to maximize their learning. Judy is very engaging and encouraged valuable interaction within the structured exercises.” "

Susan Ksiezopolski
Author, Workshop Leader & Award Winning Writer

"Judy’s presentation was very captivating and in fact one of the best presentations for 2016. I would gladly invite Judy to come back to speak at one of the events again.” "

Samantha Pryce
Founder & CEO of Toronto Social Networks

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Whether you have a small group or large audience, 1 hour or a full day, Judy can support your organization's goals with her powerful, experiential and impactful INNER JOURNEY presentation.


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