What is the difference between Cacao paste, powder and tea?


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Ceremonial Cacao Paste [400g]

Made from the highly prized Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional CRIOLLO Cacao bean

(You will receive a video with how to heat the Cacao with water)  

Ingredients: 100% Cacao Paste from Ecuador.


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Ceremonial Cacao Powder [400g]

Our Peruvian Cacao Powder comes from the Criollo Bean, one of the traditional Indigenous varieties. 

(You will receive a video with how to heat the Cacao with water) 

Ingredients: 100% Cacao powder from Peru 


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Ceremonial Cacao Tea [233g]

The Cacao Tea (husks and shells from the Cacao seed) comes from the same Peruvian Criollo Cacao seed which is harvested for our Ceremonial Cacao Powder. Infuse these in water before drinking. Use either a French Press or a mug tea infuser. 

Ingredients: 100% Cacao seed shells

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Should you make your Ceremonial Cacao with Cacao Powder or Cacao Paste or Both?

Or with Cacao Tea?


Cacao powder and paste have different frequencies and can support us in different ways, spiritually.
The Cacao Powder connects us to the Sun while the Cacao Paste gives us guidance from the earth, (the 528 frequency vs the 432 earth frequency).
Traditionally the paste has been used Ceremonially to connect us to earth and to support our BODY. The Cacao Consciousness has been guiding Judy to include the powder now, in our Ceremonial drink (along with the Paste), as we experience an accelerated Global awakening and we're ready to dive even deeper into our heart.
For those who have connected to the Cacao Spirit in this way, by mixing the powder and the paste, will know this difference, from the profound experience that they have had themselves. 
  There is a difference between the Cacao's teachings at 432 and 528. Both are beautiful and both serve a purpose.   
You can make your Ceremonial Cacao drink with the power, or just the paste, or both. Or with the Cacao tea. There are many ways to connect to this beautiful Spirit and Consciousness. 
If you love to drink teas, then you will love the Ceremonial Cacao Tea.
The Cacao Tea is made from the organic raw Cacao shell. Infuse these in water to create a tea. Use either a French Press or a mug tea infuser.  
Use Goddess Temple Ceremonial Cacao Powder and/or the Ceremonial Cacao Paste (or just the Cacao Tea) to create your Sacred Cacao drink.

 Once you place your order, you will receive an email with details how to make the Ceremonial Cacao and how to connect to the Consciousness (you will also be invited to a free 5 Day Challenge, where Judy will be guiding you through 5 daily videos, to drink and connect to the Spirit of Cacao. 

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