Sacred Womb Connection + Cacao Ceremony

An online live broadcast

(5 spots available in person in Toronto Canada)

Register for Tuesday December 28

Profound guided transmissions, activations + meditations...

......Judy + Giovanna lead you into healing and moving personal emotions, so that your deepest dreams can be awakened, and your entire life transformed.

Through sacred cacao, guided meditations, visualization and journaling...

...... you will be nourished, enriched and connected to your female life force and creative energies of abundance



Christine Page

Cacao Sacred Circle

Nourish with cacao plant medicine, connect to this higher plant Consciousness, experience heart opening and expansion 

"A woman in harmony with her Spirit is like a river flowing....

She goes where she will without pretence...and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and ONLY, herSELF". Maya Angelou

Although this Sacred Circle will be ONLINE, prepare for yourself  a beautifully decorated space, filled with candles, flowers, crystals and cushions and whatever else brings you joy and keeps you cozy and comfortable throughout this sacred event


Chocolate has captivated the world for thousands of years, and now it's time to EXPERIENCE the Medicinal, Healing and Awakening main RAW ingredient called CACAO.

  • Cacao is the main ingredient to make CHOCOLATE (the world's favourite food). Ceremonial cacao is RAW and unprocessed, and considered a TEACHING PLANT, with a spirit to connect to (and therefore a SACRED MASTER PLANT MEDICINE).
  • Cacao has been used ceremonially through Indigenous communities for thousands of years to connect to your heart
  • The ceremonial intake of Cacao is a powerful Meditation of Love, which strengthens and awakens us to a deeper relationship with our inner Self, with others, with the planet and with All That Is.
  • When pure cacao is combined with your spiritual practice, you can expect accelerated Inner Awakening and creative guidance. 

Womb + Heart Coherence



Learn more about this Ceremony by clicking on the VIDEO below

What to expect at this beautiful sacred circle:

+ sit in your  beautifully decorated space, filled with candles, flowers, crystals and cushions, or whatever else brings you joy and comfort

+ experience the warm feminine energies of the powerful and delicious cacao Master Plant Medicine, to awaken your SELF into PRESENCE, COMPASSION and LOVE

+ connect with your sacred womb and deepen your connection with the Divine Mother

+ be guided through several powerful womb connecting, healing and Yoni meditations to awaken your creative, Higher Self:

      + Womb Tree Grounding 

      + Heart to Heart Activation

      + Ancestral Healing Meditation & Release 

      + Womb Renewal Activation

      + Self Womb Healing Meditation

+ express your beautiful Self through journaling and guided chanting

+ experience a deep connection to your Womb, your creative centre, your own personal and powerful Vortex

"I learnt so much about cacao that I couldn't even imagine the healing properties that it has and how it opens our heart to release any trauma and pain. During the Ancestral womb meditations, I was feeling into my family's history of trauma specifically from my grandmother and mother. I felt their pain come to the surface to be acknowledged, and then pain of my personal trauma as well. Also, one of the things that I really enjoyed was when Judy shared her story regarding infertility and how she came to realize that she had another purpose in life than having children. This is a realization that I have been working on this past year and during the meditations I saw my true purpose and that is also not having children. This message came from a Goddess, she looked like a Goddess to me and it was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I don't even know how to thank you both for this Sacred Womb + Cacao has changed my life."


"Wow, the Sacred Womb Healing & Cacao Ceremony was such a magical experience. Learning the power of Cacao and taking time to honour and heal my womb was exactly what I needed. My soul felt so at ease as Judy and Giovanna guided us with their knowledge and love. Thank you for creating space for me to open my heart, bring peace to my womb and remind me of the divine being that I am."


"I don't meditate often but I know and feel that I need to especially after this beautiful Ceremony. I did a lot of crying and I felt so many different emotions come up for me, as Judy mentioned is expected from drinking and connecting to the Cacao. I could feel that most, if not all of my chakras are blocked. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by so many light, positive, beautiful women. You all brought joy into my heart and made me smile. I loved learning about the cacao and I realized that I'm mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically depleted. I'm looking forward to more healing in my life now. "


"I am so grateful for this ceremony. It was deep and powerful. I felt looked after and taken care of. I have worked tons on myself yet, I found another important piece in me to just accept where I came from without making it mean anything."


"I absolutely loved the SACRED WOMB HEALING + CACAO CEREMONY. It was so nice to have the heart opening cacao ceremony paired with the womb healing. Both Judy and Giovanna hold the space for all participants' well-being with such care. You can tell they are passionate about what they do and that the event is a sacred one. Doing it on a the eclipse and solstice made it feel even more special to me. I left feeling centred, grateful, at peace with lots of joy sprinkled all over me. I recommend any woman do this for herself β€” and often! It’s a beautiful and rich gift to give to ourselves.’ "

Lisa Kelly
Mentor in the Art of Living Your Dreams

"I had a few interesting realizations during the event most significantly about the pain that my grandmother carried about having had so many children, the pressure that caused her, and her being unable to pursue the life she really wanted (I never knew this about her when she was alive but it was so clear). And realized that I didn't have any recollection of my great grandmother's name...which lead me to realize how little I know about my lineage and how common it is in my family to not really talk about how things REALLY are. But most of all I loved being with women connected consciously to our hearts. For me there is nothing more powerful right now in order to heal our world. When I look at the issues surrounding us it is clear to me that they are caused by a planet that is so far out of feminine/masculine balance toward the masculine. The rise of the feminine is the answer in every case (racism, the environment, our healthcare system, corporations, etc etc) & to me that is exactly what these circles do...raising the heart, balancing feminine/masculine. Thank you for providing this space and empowering us to do it for ourselves."


"I loved the ceremony and, in particular, the feeling of love that enveloped it. The flow from one peaceful, joyful, soulful activity to the next was just right. And the Cacao was delicious on many levels. It was a beautiful way to spend the evening and I look forward to joining another time. "

Susan Patterson

Meet Your Sacred Ceremony Hosts:

Judy (Judite) Machado

Supporting heart-centered women to Love-themselves-into-life through daily ceremonial living of cacao + other sacred rituals.

Judy is the Creator of The Goddess Temple and the Author of Life Purpose Playbook and hosts online and in person Ceremonies to facilitate personal spiritual growth + greater impact of the collective consciousness.

Giovanna Dilallo

Moon Mother attuned by Miranda Gray since May 2013. Giovanna facilitates personal Womb Healings and Womb Blessings. She also hosts women's meditation healing circles - aiding women to reconnect to their womb centre - by balancing their female energy centre with awareness of all the wonderful gifts that reside within.


Join us by registering your spot here for Tuesday December 28

PAY WHAT YOU LOVE... Choose how much you would like to pay for this Ceremony (Regular price is $97). These are special prices for special times πŸ’— Due to the current situation surrounding the pandemic, we are lowering the prices for our events, Coaching and Ceremonies, to make it accessible for all.

What to have with you for this Ceremony?

This is a Ceremony and a Sacred Space - people arriving late can create disruption to the flow. Please be mindful of this and arrive on time. Have with you a Journal and pen, Yoga mat, cup filled with water, cushion to sit on and pillow for your head if you choose to lay down, blanket (for guided meditations), any musical instruments, if you have any. A crystal for the guided womb grid transmission, as well as your Ceremonial Cacao drink (if you don't have a cacao drink, have with you a warm tea). If you wish to order Cacao or see a recipe, click on the button below.

we will send you a recipe to have Cacao ready for this Ceremony...

Pure Cacao is used as a heart opening medicine. When pure Cacao is combined with your spiritual practice, you can expect inner awakening and creative guidance. 

Ideally you will have Cacao with you for this Ceremony, however, if this isn't possible, please have your favourite tea.


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