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Cacao Ceremony Flash Cards

Dear Love,

I used to feel like I needed others who were intuitive to guide me. This daily deep and profound journey with the Cacao Consciousness has ignited in me my own intuition, connection and remembering of my Divinity and my personal powers.

What if you also had a guide to support you to see beyond your limitations and to stay in this space consistently and effortlessly? 

I am committed to sharing the many ways that your inward awakening and  journey can be supported with Ceremonial Cacao! 

My heart is so full as I connect with others also on this Awakening journey! 

"Until all of us have made it. Non of us have made it." Helen Keller

Love, Judy Machado (Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao)

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What happens next???

#1- Do you have an Ceremonial Cacao to begin or continue your daily Sacred Cacao Cermeony?


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#2- Experience Goddess Temple Cacao Conciousness Deep Dive! 

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