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Are you curious about what happens at a Cacao Ceremony? If you are, you'll love this article...

If you're anything like most people who are suddenly so enchanted by the thought of attending a Cacao Ceremony, you probably want to learn everything you can about it. Searching online, looking for information on how to make the Ceremonial Cacao, how to drink it, and how to connect with the Cacao Consciousness. You're curious about attending a Cacao Ceremony and what will take place there.

So, instead of me telling you what you can expect, I'll share with you an article published by the Toronto Star, i.e., one of the biggest online news sites in Canada. Jen Kirsch, a beautiful columnist known for writing content regarding lifestyle, pop culture, advice and relationships reached out to me in hopes of attending one of my Cacao Ceremonies to experience and write an article about it.


Our Cacao Ceremony

So, she booked an hour-and-a-half-long Cacao Ceremony with Goddess Temple Cacao, where we sat and drank the Ceremonial Cacao together. She had such a beautiful experience. Kirsch wrote a long article describing her experience, going in depth about the process of making the Cacao. The article is called "I tried a Cacao Ceremony and found that 'pause is your best friend'."

She mentioned that after experiencing the "pandemic life" in 2020, she felt the need to explore new ways of getting grounded. This influenced her to take part in a Cacao Ceremony. 

Before doing so, she did her research. Kirsch spent time on the internet searching about Cacao and highlighted the significance of Ceremonial Cacao in ancient Mayan culture. Because she never experienced a Cacao Ceremony before, she wanted someone who could guide her through the process. She fatefully discovered Goddess Temple Cacao and booked a zoom meeting with the founder, Judy Machado. The result of the meetup was an enlightening virtual experience, which provided Kirsch with some mental clarity.

At the scheduled time, the two of us met on Zoom to share Sacred space. Even though it was the first time Kirsch and I had met, there was no awkwardness. We both felt comfortable and the connection was almost instant, as though our meeting was destiny.

While performing the ceremony, she was asked to take deep breaths and she finally started to “go within” herself. The term going within simply means to meditate and reflect; on yourself, your state of mind, the beliefs you hold, why you hold those beliefs and whether they are based on truth or past experiences. In the article, Kirsch admits she let her perceptions flow out of her mind. She realized that she has been doing things in her life which people have always wanted her to do.

I provided Jen with Goddess Temple Cacao’s paste and powder for her experience in the Ceremony. The ceremony was performed in stages, firstly making the Cacao drink by adding the Ceremonial Cacao paste and powder and half a cup of water into a small pot and stirring the drink over the stove for 10-15 minutes.

I typically ask my clients to chant or sing to the Cacao while brewing. Kirsch chanted a mantra, which she remembered from her yoga practice. I also shared some of the history and some insights related to the Cacao so that she can feel more connected to the universe and divine source energy.


Jen's Sacred Intention & Experience

Jen perceived her intention when Judy spoke about being held back by our conditioned beliefs which stop us from doing new and exciting things. She realized that she has been living a conditioned life since her childhood, as she thought that speaking up for herself cast her aside rather than being accepted within her community. She decided to let go of the idea of pleasing people and doing what we think people expect us to do. 

She adjusted her initial intention, sat peacefully resting her eyes, and listened to Judy's voice as she was guided throughout the meditation. I asked Jen to pick her favourite mug, observe the surface of the Cacao and look for designs or patterns as if Cacao was speaking back through some figures or forms.

Jen also mentioned the claim about Cacao not being a psychedelic. Cacao doesn’t alter a person’s consciousness in terms of making you hallucinate, but it helps us to be more aware and see things from a higher perspective. It was a wonderful experience for both of them to be part of this Cacao Ceremony from two different parts of the world. Judy was at the time in Tanzania while Jen was in Toronto. They enjoyed every sip of Cacao while hearing the enchanting music Judy played in the background which guided the meditation. 

Jen spoke of continuing to drink Cacao after the Ceremony. She wrote in the article that she will use oat milk instead of water next time. She felt the healing throughout the Ceremony, she said that it was her ‘Me Time’, which helped her in experiencing mindfulness and feeling more attached to herself.

Leading to our last thoughts and possibly the most intriguing part of Jen’s experience during the Ceremony, she brought up the ways in which her past life affected her. She was reminded of the times where she felt like she was not worthy of being loved. However, the Cacao quickly helped her realize that if she hadn’t experienced those things, she wouldn’t have accomplished what she has up to this point in her life. The negative experiences helped to shape who she is in the present just as much as her positive encounters have. Suddenly, she felt complete.

It's very important to go within to our inner self, and do what our heart desires. Listen to yourself first, your true Self rather than making choices to please people to fit in or to satisfy certain outward desires that are here today and gone tomorrow. Cacao can help us in experiencing this growth and clarity.

At last Judy acknowledged to Jen that, “the pause is your best friend and more can be heard in the silence than in the words".  Jen was so touched by this quote that she made it the title for her article on Toronto Star.

Have a look at it so you can hear directly from her!

Here is the link to the article:


Join us in a Cacao Ceremony

If you are at all interested in participating in a Cacao Ceremony, or you're simply curious, this article will pull back the curtain and provide some insight into what the Sacred Cacao Ceremony is all about.

Also, if this is calling to you, I'd love to invite you to one of our Cacao Ceremonies. Have a look at the links below, it will take you directly to the dates for the upcoming ceremonies. 

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Finally, don't forget to download this beautiful PDF called "My Morning Cacao Ritual". It's a double-sided page that you can print and fold into a mini Guide! I created it to help you get started, to support you to create a Sacred space for yourself,  to share how you can connect to the Cacao Consciousness and how to make the Cacao. 

If you have any questions or wish to reach out for anything at all, please do. I love you! Namaste! Ciao.

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