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Cacao Ceremony



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Meet your host Judy Machado

Judy spent a year and a half as a Partner of a bean-to-bar chocolate company. She became infatuated with the spiritual history and significance of Cacao and whole heartily connected to the Spirit of this heart-opening, Consciousness-raising plant medicine.
Over the years, she deepened her connection with the plant, by first working intimately with a Shipibo-Conibo trained Shaman followed by an Andean Medicine Man, and then began to experience a devotional and sacred relationship with the Cacao higher Consciousness, receiving messages to share with the world. 
Cacao has exponentially accelerated her spiritual journey and she now shares this Sacred Cacao with others to experience though daily rituals, Ceremonies, Cacao 16-day Deep Dive Journeys, Ceremony Facilitator Trainings and Cacao + Wellness Retreats in Peru & the Azores. 
Trained and spirit sanctioned/initiated teacher, Judy’s purpose is to hold sacred space and support others in raising their Consciousness, which includes teaching how to experience daily rituals of this powerful Sacred Cacao Master Plant Medicine.


It's time to EXPERIENCE the Medicinal, Healing and Awakening Master Plant Medicine called CACAO.
Cacao will help you to open your heart and support you to let go of some of your limitations so you can create powerfully and intentionally 

About the Full Moon

Full moons are nourishing.


Symbolic of the feminine, the moon receives the light of the sun, shining it back to us with illumination.


When the moon is full, its strong gravitational pull on the Earth makes for a time of peak creative energy and incredibly powerful intuitive breakthroughs.


It's about embodiment.
The full moon accentuates everything that you have been working on during the waxing phase. 


Through Sacred Cacao, guided meditations, visualization and journaling...

...... you will be nourished, enriched and connected to your life force and creative energies of abundance

"Only in the darkness can we glimpse the fullest light our soul carries for us."

Angie Weiland-Crosby

This Ceremony is available online

This Ceremony is also available in-person in Toronto, Canada

Join us in this Cacao Ceremony and experience profound guided meditations and readings.


Chocolate has captivated the world for thousands of years, and now it's time to EXPERIENCE the Medicinal, Healing and Awakening main RAW ingredient called CACAO.

  • Cacao is the main ingredient to make CHOCOLATE (the world's favourite food). Ceremonial Cacao is RAW and unprocessed, and considered a TEACHING PLANT and a SACRED MASTER PLANT MEDICINE.

  • Cacao has been used ceremonially through Indigenous communities for thousands of years to connect to your heart

  • The Ceremonial drinking of Cacao is a powerful Meditation of Love, which strengthens and awakens us to a deeper relationship with our inner Self, with others, with the planet and with All That Is.

  • When Ceremonial Cacao is combined with your spiritual practice, you can expect accelerated Inner Awakening and creative guidance. 

This Sacred Ceremony will be IN-PERSON. There will be a beautifully decorated space, filled with candles and cushions that will bring joy and keep you cozy and comfortable.

After registration, we will send to you an email to support you in preparing for this Sacred Ceremony

There are 6 spots available to join us in person in Toronto

How others are being powerfully affected:

"I am so grateful for another one of Judy's Cacao Ceremonies. It was deep and powerful. I felt looked after and taken care of. I have worked tons on myself yet, I found another important piece in me to just accept where I came from without making it mean anything." 


"Wow, sitting in another Ceremony with Judy was such a magical experience. Learning the power of Cacao and taking time to honour and heal myself was exactly what I needed. My soul felt so at ease as Judy guided us with her knowledge and love. Thank you for creating space for me to open my heart, bring peace to myself and remind me of the divine being that I am." 


"I loved the ceremony and, in particular, the feeling of love that enveloped it. The flow from one peaceful, joyful, soulful activity to the next was just right. And the Cacao was delicious on many levels. It was a beautiful way to spend the evening and I look forward to joining another time.  " 




Whether you attend online or in-person, you will experience a sacred altar




What you will receive...

Includes all 6 Offerings:

  1. Sacred Ceremony including drumming, guided meditations and full moon intention setting. (2.5 hrs in-person, 1.5 hrs online)

  2. The Goddess Temple Cacao Full Moon Ceremony Playlist

  3. One of Judy's powerful exercises from her Life Purpose Playbook: The Circle Of Life Expander to support you in acknowledging your life right now and setting some intentions in all 10 areas of your life

  4. A recorded Mini Cacao Ceremony for you to begin your own daily Cacao Ritual and Ceremony  

  5. An invitation and 20% discount to the Sacred Womb Connection and Cacao Ceremony

  6. A personalized aura and chakra frequency scan (after the Ceremony)



We have designed this Ceremony to include all these additional offerings to support you in integrating your expansion and devotion after the Ceremony

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